Why Private Pilates Sessions Really Work

Private 1:1 Pilates Sessions at our Crows Nest Studio – Pauline’s Story

We often talk about the benefits of Reformer Pilates classes and the many reasons why Pilates classes are a good idea.

But there are also great benefits to the personal Pilates approach and investing in a 1:1 Private Pilates session with one of our highly qualified Pilates instructors.

Dynamic Pilates Sydney client, Pauline Vamos has been attending our Crows Nest studio for over six months and is already seeing the results of regular 1:1 Pilates practice with our traditional Pilates methodology practitioners.

“I am stronger, straighter, more balanced and more confident.”

These are Pauline’s words… Read on to find out more about why Pauline chooses to have weekly Private 1:1 Pilates sessions at our Crows Nest studio in this short Q&A.

Q. What brought you to Dynamic Pilates Crows Nest?

Two main reasons. My daughter said that she wanted to try Pilates and had walked past the studio in Crows Nest so we booked in for a private Pilates session. As we had never done Pilates before I wanted to make sure we had the benefit of one on one coaching. The second is that I had been going to a Chiropractor each week for a number of months to get straight as I was always leaning to the left. Whilst I found I was getting straighter – it did not last so I wanted to try something that would help me keep straight rather than having to go back all the time– Pilates was recommended to me at a health retreat I went to so I was keen to give it a try.

Q. Tell us what you like about Pilates classes at Dynamic Pilates Crows Nest studio

I do a one on one session each week. I love the class because I can change it to suit my needs on the day. Sometimes I have lots of energy, other times I need to be focus on getting straight and so on. The equipment and studio is well maintained and convenient.

Q. How has Dynamic Instructor Mickie Du Boulay helped with your Pilates practice?

Mickie is fantastic for a number of reasons including the fact that she actually listens to you and is always upbeat. But very importantly, as I am over 55 and have some long term back and hip issues, I need someone who not only knows their craft but has a deep understanding of how the body  works. We will often have a remedial session – I go in crooked and come out straight. Mickie has also been slowly building my core strength and balance. Her experience with other disciplines also means you can discuss the type of exercise that best suits your body.

Q. If you compare where you started with where you are now – what has changed?

I am stronger, straighter, more balanced and more confident. I also find Pilates a great way to manage stress as you need to concentrate to ensure you are using the right muscles.

Q. What do you think makes Dynamic Pilates Crows Nest studio different?

I like the fact the studio feels private, has plenty of natural light and is not part of gym.

….So there you have it, thanks Pauline! We are so happy that you LOVE your Private 1:1 Dynamic Pilates sessions with Mickie.

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