Why Pilates Should Be in Your Elite Athletic Regime

There’s never been a better time in history to take care of your body and have it perform at its peak. Female and male athletes have never had more access to both traditional and new methods of training and staying in shape. No matter what sport you’re looking to excel in, from football and gymnastics through to cycling, golf and equestrian, there are plenty of tools available to you to help you improve your stamina, strength and speed.

As an athlete, you’d be crazy not to practice a regime that not only promises to increase your flexibility, but also tones and strengths your limbs, buttocks and core muscles.

And who wouldn’t want to integrate a form of movement that can assist in recovery and post-injury rehabilitation?

Pilates for men, women, and athletes alike offers all this in a total body workout, adopting a holistic approach for long-term results.

Yet, despite all this, far too many athletes see Pilates as the domain of casual exercisers only.

Here’s why Pilates could and should be a part of your athletic training program.

Why Pilates?

Pilates is considered by some people to be a workout predominantly for women. But what they don’t know is, Pilates was invented by Joseph Pilates, an athletic man who was looking to design the ultimate workout challenge for himself. Pilates for men is the ‘in thing’ and here at Dynamic Pilates we have you covered!

Whether you’ve hit a training plateau or want to reach your full potential, adding Pilates to your athletic regime has considerable benefits. As a sportsman or sportswoman, it takes committed focus and discipline to master your craft. Pilates not only promotes a healthy outlook, but also helps your mind and body work in unison, preventing injuries and harnessing its potential for healing and peak performance.

Over the years, we have seen many male and female elite athletes adding it to their already vigorous training regimes – breaking the stereotypes around the workout and improving their performance. Men who do Pilates include this year’s Super Bowl (and 6 Time) Champion Tom Brady, the king of the NBA LeBron James and our own home grown champion Steph Gilmore. You can read more about them in our top athletes who do Pilates article.

A Tailored Workout For All

The fundamentals of Pilates take into consideration the level of fitness you’re at and that your body is built differently in comparison to others. A tailored Dynamic Pilates workout is created to meet your individual needs, incorporating different techniques to keep you at optimal strength while being mindful of your current health and fitness levels.

Here are the some of the most common benefits elite athletes experience as a result of their Pilates training:

Pain Relief and Prevention

In any sporting career, injuries are inevitable. Pilates for men and women of all athletic ability helps protect the joints of the body by developing muscle balance and durability. Its full-body workout system enables you to build a stabilised yet flexible back and core muscle group, allowing your posture to be at its best, even off the field.

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A Rock Hard Core

Golfers, weightlifters, rugby players, ironmen and indeed all athletes alike know that the best swing, kick, pass and life comes about by combining focus and drive with a stable base and a strong core. In short, developing core strength and stability is key to your athletic performance. Pilates helps your body to twist at the spine and rotate at the hip with strength, speed and endurance, thanks to a strong core.


More Controlled Movements

With Pilates for athletes, you can improve your mobility and control the winding of your spine to help you move freely. If you play football, tennis or even run track, it improves your speed, coordination and gives you an added advantage in movement.

The best sportsmen are the ones who know when to play by the rules and when to forge their own path. At Dynamic Pilates, you can become an athlete that competes at an all new level be it amateur or professional Just as Joseph Pilates intended, our Sydney Pilates classes will optimise your performance on and off the field, court or track, pool or surf. Contact us today to give Pilates a try, or take advantage of our 2 for $20 New Member Introductory Offer by clicking here.