What’s involved in Dynamic Pilates’ 30 Day Challenge?

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced Pilates instructor, the 30 Day Challenge is a great way to increase your fitness levels, clean up your diet, lose extra cm’s, achieve a longer, leaner body and feel absolutely fantastic!

We thought the best way to tell you all about our 30 Day Challenge is to talk to some previous Challenger’s. Here are their stories..

Dynamic Pilates - Day Challenge Winner

Meet New Member – Nicole (Winner of the 30 Day Challenge – September 2015)

Nicole completed the 30 Day Challenge…and won! A huge achievement since she had never done any kind of Pilates before let alone use a Reformer machine! This photo was taken a week after she finished the Challenge while on holiday in the USA – Nicole was so happy knowing she’ll be able to go clothes shopping in New York and deck out her wardrobe with garments of a smaller size!

“If you are stuck in a rut, need to find your mojo or simply love a challenge this is for you! 

I came to Dynamic Pilates as a complete newbie. Never done Pilates ever…..30 days later I am a complete convert. Love it! Great teachers, fun classes. I have found muscles that I never knew existed.

I followed the recommended nutrition and the weight fell off. Much easier than expected and I now fit into clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in years.

Love, love, love the 30 Day Challenge. Do it – you know you want to!”

Meet Our Experienced Reformer Pilates Instructor – Natalia

Pilates Instructor - Natalia

Little or no experience in Reformer Pilates? No worries, one of our instructors, Natalia recently completed the Challenge too. Why did she do it?

Natalia said it was great to have structure and discipline in her exercise routine and diet. She said it was also great to go back to basics with the clean diet cutting out sugar, dairy and wheat. She found the portion control aligned adequately to the demands of the Challenge.

As well as teaching her regular Reformer, Tower and Studio Pilates classes, Natalia participated in 5 classes a week as well as volleyball and dance practice on weekends all while undertaking the Challenge! Go Natalia!!

Natalia has some tips to share for people doing our 30 Day Challenge:

  • Get lots of sleep, as your body will need it to recover. The best hours of sleep are between 9pm and 12am, so go to bed early!
  • Drink lots and lots of water to flush out those toxins!
  • Be gentle on yourself..
  • Supplements Natalia mentioned she found helpful during the Challenge were Q10 tablets, Vitamin B Complex and Magnesium.

Interested in trying the Dynamic Pilates 30 Day Challenge? So, what’s involved?

1. The Classes

It’s 20 Reformer, Tower or Virtual LIVE Pilates classes over 30 days. You choose from the timetable the classes you wish to attend and have the option to train at our Manly, Sydney City CBD or Virtual LIVE studios. We suggest 5 classes a week and 2 rest days but you can tailor to fit your weekly schedule.

2. The Diet

Take note, the Nutrition Plan is quite strict! But it’s only for 30 days and that’s the way to see the cm’s fly off! It’s a lean, clean diet and a bit of a detox really – your body will love you for it! We provide you with the Plan, you keep a food diary and email the diary to us at the end of each week – this way were able to closely monitor your intake and suggest alternatives should you need them.

During the Challenge we send you helpful, motivational emails to keep you on track and are available for phone consultations to offer guidance along the way. Be sure to inform your class instructors you’re participating in the 30 Day Challenge and they’ll push you that little bit harder to drive those target results!

3. Your Results

Firstly we measure 9 key target areas of your body the week before the Challenge starts including the all important Biceps, Hips, Chest, Stomach, Bust, Thighs and Waist areas, and keep this as your baseline to track improvements. Then at the end of the 30 days we take your final measurements and tally up the results. Most of our Challenger’s see an average loss of 30 cm’s across the 9 body areas, however our record to date still stands at over 60 cm’s! We don’t weigh you but you are welcome to do this at home. We are committed to achieving a longer, leaner, cleaner you.

4. The Prize

Well of course the real prize is the “new” you and getting into those jeans again but Dynamic Pilates offers a range of studio prizes and nutrition packs to each Challenge winner. Check the current promotion for prize details.

 5. Lastly.. the Cost

Our 30 Day Challenge costs $495 and includes 20 Reformer, Tower or Virtual LIVE classes of your choice (less than $20 a class!), Consultation & Support from our Expert Instructors, Consultation & Support from our Accredited Nutritionist, Choose between 2 Nutrition Plans, Recipes to use during the 30 Day Challenge… and keep for future use, Workout Tracker, Daily Motivation, Facebook Group for centralised support & info sharing, FREE Dynamic Pilates Sticky Socks … and Our Personal Investment In You & Your Goals. Fabulous Value!

If you’re after dramatic results in a short amount of time this is the Challenge for you!