What Makes A Good Pilates Instructor?

As we come into the New Year, you might be one of the many people who would like to shed a few unwanted holiday kilograms, get fitter and turn towards a healthier lifestyle. If you’re considering taking up Pilates, but aren’t quite sure what to look for in an instructor – we’re here to help!

When choosing your Pilates instructor, you need to select one that will help you meet your goals – whatever they may be. Beyond the purely technical expertise, a good teacher-student relationship is essential for mastering Pilates, and you’ll need someone who can help you through it, especially when you aren’t familiar with the principles (or practice) of Pilates.

There are many Pilates instructors, from many different Pilates studios in Sydney, to choose from (such as our FOUR Pilates studios in Manly, Glebe, Crows Nest & Sydney CBD). Here are a few things to look out for when searching for yours!

A Warm Welcome

A quality instructor should have a warm and inviting persona, arriving early for every session and greeting students as they come in. They should make you feel welcome and set you at ease. Part of connecting with someone is through shared experiences. A good instructor will share their struggles and the journey that led them to the profession – and you too can share your story with them in return. Those new to Dynamic Pilates in Sydney will also have extra care shown to them with our Instructors paying careful attention of any historical injuries and making sure you’re comfortable with the studio Pilates Reformer and other specialist studio Pilates equipment.

Individual Attention And Advice

An encouraging instructor knows to make people feel good about themselves. Deciding to get into shape because you’re struggling with your weight and have body issues can be scary. Your instructor should understand that everyone is an individual and attend to each student knowing that not everyone is in the class for the same reason.

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Helpful Observations During Exercises

Your instructor will be constantly assessing your alignment, muscular imbalances, movement ability and stress triggers. While they might offer a prescribed set of exercises, they will also take note of your needs – helping you perfect your form without putting unnecessary attention or stress on you. Alternate exercises can be established for those requiring them during a class, such as those recovering from injury or expecting mothers to be, Pilates is a fantastic way to bounce back on to the sporting field or support those new mums during pregnancy.

Qualification And Affiliation

Instructors need to be qualified for your safety and education during classes. Dynamic Pilates is Sydney’s BASI Pilates host studio offering training to Pilates instructors and the general public interested in perfecting their own Pilates, while also offering Pilates Workshops for continual learning and development. BASI Pilates is the worldwide Standard in Pilates.

Flexible Feedback

A good Pilates instructor will carefully assess the competencies of each student and won’t hesitate to integrate new and different exercises and those that work for everyone in the class. They will demonstrate these moves and explain how they will benefit you, showing you the depth of their training and knowledge of Pilates and the body.

It’s no secret that most people who decide to exercise as part of their New Year’s resolutions don’t stick with it. A significant reason for this is a lack of inspiration to continue, a lack of enthusiasm or drive towards achieving goals set out by their Instructor. By choosing someone who provides all the above, you’re much more likely to stay on track and reap the rewards of attending each session.

At Dynamic Pilates, we strive to offer instruction to our Pilates clients by ticking all the above boxes. Why not start your 2019 on the right foot by booking a session at a Dynamic Pilates studio near you, or by calling us on 02 8084 1897. With our world class and leading Sydney Pilates Instructors we guarantee you’ll love the new you and recognise the benefits of making Pilates part of your weekly schedule for years to come!