BASI Pilates Instructor Training Dynamic Pilates Sydney 2017

From Weekend Pilates Classes to a BASI Pilates Instructor

Sonya Rawlinson is a familiar face at our Manly studio. She began her Pilates journey like many of us with a couple of classes at the weekends. But through hard work and dedication she’s taken her love of Pilates to the next level!


After taking on the Dynamic Pilates 30 Day Challenge…(and winning it!) Sonya was hooked! She started coming to Pilates classes five times a week . She became a regular at the 6am classes before work everyday…making the most of her weekly membership. Next thing we know Sonya is signed up and studying the BASI Pilates instructor training course. Now she is teaching Pilates classes at our studios…right back where it all started!

Dynamic-Pilates-Challenge-winnerWe are super proud of Sonya. She is a real Pilates inspiration and proof that with hard work and a love of Pilates you can achieve great things.

This is her story…

Q: Why did you start Pilates?

“I started Pilates in 2006 because of a knee injury from high school. It flared up again so the Physio recommended Pilates.

Q: What brought you to Dynamic Pilates?

I was doing Pilates at the gym but I wanted something at the weekends. So I started looking locally and the class times suited me. That was nearly three years ago!

Q: How did the 30 Day Challenge change your Pilates journey?

I was coming to Pilates about 2 or 3 times a week and then I signed up for the 30 Day Challenge so I started going 5 times a week. When I started coming regularly I got really into it.  Especially with my knee injury, I’ve found that it’s something that I can do and not put a lot of pressure on it. Or I modify things to help me with it. And I think when I did the 30 Day Challenge I started getting into the mind and body aspect of Pilates.

I won the first Challenge I did! It was good because the Pilates combined with the eating plan meant I lost about 5-6 kgs. I was still doing all my other gym stuff as well – I was seeing  a Personal Trainer once a week and also doing a couple of spin classes as well. I just like Pilates as it’s different to those things and you get to stretch out and build your core muscles.

Q: What made you decide to do the BASI  Pilates Instructor Training Course?

After the Challenge I was really enjoying the Pilates. I’d been thinking about doing some training for a while and I enjoyed the Dynamic Pilates Manly studio and Ed Botha’s classes.

I think I had one of those “Ah ha” moments when we were doing one of the exercises and I thought ‘this is what it should feel like’. The BASI Pilates course came up and I thought it’s the right time. Then I thought if I ever decide to leave my job, it would be nice to have something else to go to.

Dynamic-Pilates-instructorQ: How have you found doing the BASI Pilates Instructor Training course, while working in a full time job?

I was lucky with my job as I had long service leave so I actually arranged to have one day off a week. That was good because the courses are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So it meant I was able to attend the course and have extra time for study.

It has been challenging with my job as well.  Trying to get the teaching hours done is really hard. I come to Pilates nearly every day so doing that side of it has been OK. It’s good for me as I can do that before work.

What has really helped me out is opening the Dynamic Pilates Sydney CBD studio. Gemma, Dynamic Pilates owner has been great so I can use the studio just before the lunchtime classes. I’ve been taking a group of work people up there for classes. Otherwise I would be really far behind.

The BASI Pilates course requires 200 hours of teaching practice , 200 hours of self-practice and 100 hours of observation.  I haven’t done any other Pilates courses so when I teach, I teach pure BASI. I think if you are an instructor already and you’ve perhaps learnt another way then it could be challenging. It’s been easier for me because I’ve just learnt one system, the BASI system. I know the BASI Pilates ProBridge training course is being run later in the year, which is a great cross over certification for Pilates Instructors trained in other Methods who want BASI on their resume!

Q. What has been the most rewarding part of the BASI Pilates Instructor Training course?

I’ve really enjoyed the course. I just love getting deeper into the exercises. I like the structure that BASI Pilates has and the exercises. I find it easier for me to plan a lesson or session. I really love it when I get good feedback, knowing that you’ve helped people and they feel better after class. Getting to know everyone on the course has been great. It’s been nice getting to know the group and the people from other states. It’s like an big extended family.

BASI Faculty, Ed Botha has been great. We are so lucky to have Ed at the studio and he’s been so generous with his time. He’s always happy to answer questions and help us out. He’s a fantastic teacher as well. When I do Private sessions with him, you always walk out and feel like he has got the best out of you.


Q. Do you have any advice to people thinking of doing the BASI Pilates Teacher Training?

I would definitely say “go for it” if you are thinking about it. If you are in a position like me where you are working, it is challenging and time consuming. If you have children then it’s hard too.

It’s been a conscious decision for me because it has actually made me a lot happier in my other job too because I’ve got that balance between the two. I do enjoy my job but it’s been really nice to have the Pilates course to balance with that because they are very different. It makes me much happier knowing that I have this on the side.

The support from Dynamic Pilates, Sydney’s BASI host studio and Gemma in letting us come in and practice is great. I couldn’t have done it without the support.”

Sonya often steps in and helps us out to cover classes across our fours studios – Manly, Crows Nest, Glebe and Sydney City CBD. Look out for her classes on the timetable.

The next BASI courses start 11 September 2020 and will be hosted at our CBD studio. Registrations are open NOW! Places are limited and filling fast.


Contact BASI Australia for more information.