The World’s Top Athletes Who Do Pilates

Pilates for athletes is not only great on its own, but is a great complimentary workout in between intense training days. Pilates keeps your muscles loose and flexible – an incredibly important factor for staying injury free allowing your body to recuperate while still working to increase your fitness.

Pilates classes teach athletes to ‘feel’ their movements, focusing on lengthening, contracting or relaxing the muscles. This type of concentrated movement develops proprioception (awareness of movement) and can improve awareness of sport-specific movement patterns and contribute to better technique for athletes.

It’s no secret that hundreds of pro athletes around the world incorporate Pilates classes into their weekly training schedules now, but let’s take a closer look at our favourite 5 and how they feel about Pilates.


The former six time World Champion surfer attributes a major part of her ongoing success and conditioning to her Pilates training. Stephanie loves the dynamic nature of Pilates, including being able to change up her routine regularly as well as the movement and stretching that is a staple of a Pilates class.


As one of the most notable figures from the 2016 Rio Olympics, Missy has multiple world records under her belt as a professional swimmer. Missy loves Pilates to build her core, helping her to be a stronger swimmer and gain more balance. She absolutely believes that it is her Pilates workout out of the water that helps her dominate in the pool.


Yes, that’s right! The GOAT of the National Football League (NFL) is a huge Pilates fan! Along with his wife Gisele, the couple are trained by renowned Body Artist Nonna Gleyzer. Tom focuses on working his lower body, abdominal muscles and oblique’s through Pilates. The 5 time Super Bowl Champion is also a huge fan of the Reformer as it allows him to do a wide variety of lower back and abdominal exercises.


Another superstar on the books! Lebron practices both Pilates and Yoga during his off season and credits these pursuits for his increased flexibility and stamina during his playing season. He knows his Pilates classes have allowed him to play upwards of 40 minutes a game without any issues.


The tennis sensations number one choice for alternative training sessions is Pilates! Maria loves the core workout that goes hand-in-hand with Pilates, believing the core is the centre of the chain to everything in her body. Maria’s combination of tennis and Pilates training every day is a winning match!

There isn’t a better form of social proof than from a pro athlete to validate that Pilates is an amazing full-body workout for anyone! And the best part is, you can get started TODAY with our Dynamic Pilates 2 for $20 New Member Special. Get yours today, or visit our About Us page to find out more.