Gemma Sadler is a BASI Pilates Instructor and the proud founder and owner of Dynamic Pilates Australia. Gemma has been working in the fitness industry for over two decades and took up Pilates in the early 2000’s as a cross-training tool to enhance her personal training business. Gemma’s constant obsession of Pilates has helped hundreds of clients both in Sydney and London to achieve mind blowing results through her proven recipe for tailoring success to each individual’s needs. With the establishment of Dynamic Pilates Australia, Gemma is continuing to expand her business vision of empowering and inspiring people to achieve the goals they desire while enabling an active and improved healthy lifestyle

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Dynamic Pilates Owner Gemma Sadler



Ed Botha is a BASI Pilates Faculty Instructor and joined the Dynamic Pilates team after relocating to Sydney from Cape Town, South Africa where he previously owned and ran a successful Pilates studio business. Ed has been teaching Pilates for the past 16 years and has a keen interest in human movement, which started initially with the practice of martial arts. Ed turned to the Pilates Method to improve his martial arts and boxing and immediately embraced the short and long term benefits Pilates offered, confirming it as the perfect form of cross training for any physical activities. Over the course of the past 15 years Ed has worked with a range of clients from top-tier athletes to being the lead trainer of fellow Pilates instructors, as well as those in need of minor or major rehabilitation. Ed is a highly accredited member of the BASI Pilates faculty which has enabled him to travel the world teaching Pilates courses and workshops in the USA, Australia, UK, Italy, Greece, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey and London. Ed also features as a visiting instructor on Pilates Anytime, a popular online Pilates resource, making him a face many already recognise and trust in the industry! Ed is currently instructing at our Manly Studio and is quickly becoming a hit with our members, and as we say, best to book in early to avoid missing out!



Coming from the beautiful mountain area of southern Siberia, Natalia grew up trekking through the wilderness, white water rafting and snow skiing. A keen competitor in Latin American ballroom dancing, Natalia discovered Pilates was the most optimum way to keep fit and injury free. Although Natalia started her career as a lawyer, then moving on to Human Resources management and even trained as a chef, she found her real passion for health and fitness through studying Holistic Kinesiology, Nutrition and Integrative Medicine. Natalia applies this expansive knowledge into her love of Reformer and Barre Pilates and is selfless in her approach towards helping people new to Pilates learn, focus and understand the Pilates Method while providing a challenging and invaluable workout. Natalia is experienced in teaching students of all capabilities, all ages and her classes maintain strong focus on student’s techniques with correctional guidance, visual demonstrations and simple, easy to follow instructions. When Natalia is not teaching classes at Dynamic Pilates she enjoys endurance training, long distance walks and is motivated towards conquering Everest Base Camp. Dynamic Pilates is incredibly proud to have Natalia on-board and there’s a high demand for her classes, so be quick and book into one today!



Robynne is a certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and is a certified Stott Pilates and BASI Pilates Instructor, possessing broad in-depth knowledge in the health and fitness sector. Robynne has a deep appreciation of dance and all forms of mindful movement and has taught Pilates since 2010, first in London and now permanently in Sydney. Robynne’s love for Pilates comes from the Method’s ability to transform us into beautiful movers, possessing great body awareness to unlock that strength and grace in all her clients. Robynne’s personal philosophy pronounces movement to feel good while looking effortless regardless of the level of difficulty. Her classes are strong, technical and flowing with an emphasis on building muscle endurance and ensuring participants appreciate the transformative benefits gained through Pilates. Robynne is often seen taking Dynamic Pilates clients through techniques on all studio apparatus including Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel and the Arc. Expect plenty of personal attention and technical precision in Robynne’s classes and private sessions as her eye for detail guarantees clients develop their optimal muscle recruitment patterns and core stabilisation.



Sheryl became an accredited BASI Pilates Instructor in 2011. Sheryl started practicing Pilates over 20 years ago to complement her running training and soon learnt that it served as the best method to prevent injury and develop strong body awareness. Originally a corporate lawyer, Sheryl temporarily left her legal career in 2007 to study the classical Pilates method, and in 2010 Sheryl decided to permanently leave her law career having discovered the BASI Pilates method. Sheryl finds that teaching and learning go hand-in-hand and constantly seeks out opportunities to develop and grow. Since qualifying as an instructor in 2011, Sheryl has participated in multiple courses both in Australia and overseas, including Xtend Barre, Booty Barre, Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies, the BASI Pilates Mentor programme (2011 and 2018), Buff Bones Licensing Course and numerous other workshops. Sheryl joined the BASI Australia Team in 2019 as Assistant Faculty to continue learning and to help develop the next generation of BASI Pilates instructors. Sheryl is passionate about the benefits that Pilates can provide and teaches with a strong focus on technique and precision of movement and is testament to the high level of Pilates offered to members here at Dynamic Pilates



Sarah has been practicing Pilates since 2003 and it has never failed her – helping her participate in half marathons, adventure racing and triathlons without injury through her twenties and keeping her body strong and supple through two pregnancies. “Pilates kept my body taped together and literally enabled me to bounce back!” Discovering Pilates was a turning point in Sarah’s life who fell in love how it made her feel. Stepping back from corporate life and with the birth of her first one Sarah decided to follow her dreams and became a Pilates Instructor through Polestar Pilates Australia. “My Pilates journey has never stopped and I continue to study and evolve as a teacher. I am proud to be a Mentor and Assistant Educator helping students studying reach their dreams.” Sarah loves seeing clients achieve their goals and enjoying the benefits they feel mentally and physically. Sarah comes to Dynamic Pilates offering classes with clear instruction and accurate technique and with a strong following has become a popular personality with our clients.



Brittany ("Britt") turned to Pilates over ten years ago when suffering significant pain after years of intensive ballet training. After practicing Pilates as a student, Britt decided to pass on the benefits to others and went on to do successfully complete Instructor training. Britt brings a wealth of knowledge to Dynamic Pilates Australia and also specialises in sports rehabilitation, focusing on correcting and teaching participants techniques with a fine eye for detail. Britt is passionate and dedicated about her craft, constantly enhancing her training and expanding her knowledge. Like all our Instructors, Britt is available for weekly 1:1 sessions or group classes

Studio Pilates and Reformer Pilates | Pre and Post-Natal | Rehabilitation | Spinal Mobility | Pilates for Golfers | Ballet Pilates | Educational courses run by Lolita San Miguel - Internationally acclaimed first generation Pilates Master Teacher, who trained with Joseph Pilates himself!



Chrisen began instructing Pilates in Sydney back in 2009 with a two year stint teaching in London before returning to Sydney’s shores. Prior to becoming a fully certified Stott Pilates, Yoga, and Barre Instructor, Chrisen studied a Bachelor of Arts and Science majoring in Anatomy and Music. Chrisen brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to Dynamic Pilates with members relishing the opportunity to experience his fresh and modern take to Pilates classes, while focusing participants on applying correct technique and precision to better improve their form and function. Chrisen has a distinctive style and loves to offer creative variations on traditional Pilates exercises, with flowing sequences in his classes that keep participants moving beneficially throughout. Our members attest Chrisen for being known to teach warm, encouraging and positive classes, with his approach to Pilates all about feeling good, feeling strong and having fun!



Sabrina was born and raised in Brasil who moved to Sydney for sunshine, fun and to instruct Pilates. Sabrina like many of our Instructors comes from a fitness background and during that period has become a qualified Polestar Pilates Instructor. Sabrina has over ten years of Pilates experience and is dedicated to ensuring her workouts are of the highest quality, variety and enjoyment, while demanding strong focus on technique and body alignment. Sabrina is also equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy (with Honours) that is seeing many of our regular members really enjoy the full extent of her experience being thoughtfully crafted in each of their workouts. Sabrina offers creative and fun workouts and believes that through correct technique and properly executed movement anyone of all ages and fitness types can build a stronger body and improve their general well-being



Moira has a background in dance majoring in ballet and Irish dancing with accomplishments competing in and winning the world Irish dancing championships. Moira began Pilates in 2000 whilst studying ballet full time and found the benefits helped improved her dancing, core strength, injury rehabilitation, and making her a much more body aware performer. After obtaining various fitness certifications Moira completed her studio Pilates certification in 2010 with the Australian Pilates Method association. Moira has been with Dynamic Pilates for a number of years now and enjoys teaching studio Pilates with clinical precision as well as instructing Reformer and Mat classes. Moira specialises in working with clients who had or have injuries, elderly clients who need additional care, as well as athletes who now include Pilates to gain strength and muscle conditioning in their professional careers. Moira is a popular instructor and brings bright and positive energy to all her classes.



Back in her best friend’s lounge room circa 2001 Teresa popped on a Mari Winsor Pilates VHS and started counting to 100. It was then Teresa found her core along with her love of Pilates. Teresa has spent decades practicing and teaching Pilates, mastering her craft to the highest standard and instils into her clients the myriad of benefits that ‘Contrology’ has for both the body and the mind. Teresa has completed studies with Polestar Pilates and holds their Studio Certification. Teresa is a warm and friendly Pilates professional advocates a strong connection with clients during their sessions and enjoys witnessing their growth, continual learning, and change in mental and physical conditioning. Teresa will focus on the ‘why’ in your session, not just the how, to ensure a truly individualised and tailored Pilates format to suit each individual client and their needs. Teresa is a regular instructor at our Dee Why Pop Up studio and is popular among existing and new clients who enjoy private, duet’s and semi-private Pilates sessions that demand attention to detail and Pilates instruction of the highest quality.



Mickie originates from London, England and spent many years focusing on dance before finding passion in the Fitness industry, having spent the past 15 years as a Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer and Fitness Presenter, and the last 10 years specialising in Barre and Reformer Pilates. Mickie loves the precision and grace of Pilates and is able to demonstrate the key knowledge and techniques in her classes, always ensuring her participants gain the most value out of their sessions. Mickie teaches a range of class types, from beginner to advanced, and delivers long lasting results in ways that are both rewarding and challenging to individual levels. Mickie’s class styles are upbeat, fun and easy to follow, and she loves nothing more than knowing participants walk away feeling energised, tall, toned and relaxed from her class experience



Sarafina originates from New York and is a highly experienced and qualified Pilates, Barre and Yoga instructor. Sarafina’s background in dance cultivated a passion for the body in motion at an early age which led to her career as a fitness instructor. In addition to Sarafina’s broad industry certifications she holds a Graduate Degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition. Sarafina comes to Dynamic Pilates equipped with the critical knowledge our members and class participants value to ascertain how their body functions during exercise, and combined with her expert nutritional advice, is providing exceptional value that keeps her fans coming back week after week. Sarafina is also our resident Studio and 30 Day Challenge coordinator and is a friendly face already to many, so come on in and pick up one of her classes today.



Julie has been actively involved in fitness since the late 80’s and is a superstar amongst many disciplines in the sporting sector. Notably in 1993 Julie competed in the United States of America’s National Tae Kwon Do Championship Tournament and placed second in the Women’s division, and then went on to earn her Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do in 1994. Julie’s Pilates journey started in an effort to regain her fitness after the birth of her child. While practicing Pilates Julie found her posture, muscle strength, core control and body awareness improved way beyond expectation. Having practiced law in Australia and the United States since 1994, Julie had a desire to change careers while still focusing on helping others, it was the deep connection and passion for Pilates that inspired Julie to pursue her education and become a Pilates Instructor. Julie’s ability to incorporate her broad sporting knowledge and Pilates prowess into each class is a vital ingredient to tailor progression to each individual and to enhance their physical attributes and mental resilience. Julie is a qualified Anatomist and Physiologist and is Polestar International qualified across Mat, Reformer and Studio Pilates. Julie is also qualified in Pilates for Children and Seniors, as well as being First Aid trained. Julie proudly complements the Dynamic team offering a unique workout experience with many members already raving about their class success stories to date!



Claire is an Accredited Nutritionist with an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine (Adv. Dip Nut Med). Clare originally attended her first classes with Dynamic Pilates at our Crows Nest studio (now closed) because of a Plantar Fasciitis injury affecting her heel. Clare’s injury frustration limited the amount of exercise possible and found Reformer Pilates worked exceptionally well, so much so after one year Clare’s Plantar Fasciitis disappeared and from that point Clare became a Pilates enthusiast. Clare is a nutrition guru and is fully engrained in enriching the Dynamic Pilates life changing culture to our clients and members. Clare is your point of contact for all nutritional, diet and recipe questions during each of our seasonal 30 Day Challenges.