Gemma Sadler is a BASI Pilates Instructor and the proud founder and owner of Dynamic Pilates Australia. Gemma has been working in the fitness industry for over two decades and took up Pilates in the early 2000’s as a cross-training tool to enhance her personal training business. Gemma’s constant obsession of Pilates has helped hundreds of clients both in Sydney and London to achieve mind blowing results through her proven recipe for tailoring success to each individual’s needs. With the establishment of Dynamic Pilates Australia, Gemma is continuing to expand her business vision of empowering and inspiring people to achieve the goals they desire while enabling an active and improved healthy lifestyle

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Dynamic Pilates Owner Gemma Sadler



Ed Botha is a BASI Pilates Faculty Instructor and joined the Dynamic Pilates team after relocating to Sydney from Cape Town, South Africa where he previously owned and ran a successful Pilates studio business. Ed has been teaching Pilates for the past 16 years and has a keen interest in human movement, which started initially with the practice of martial arts. Ed turned to the Pilates Method to improve his martial arts and boxing and immediately embraced the short and long term benefits Pilates offered, confirming it as the perfect form of cross training for any physical activities. Over the course of the past 15 years Ed has worked with a range of clients from top-tier athletes to being the lead trainer of fellow Pilates instructors, as well as those in need of minor or major rehabilitation. Ed is a highly accredited member of the BASI Pilates faculty which has enabled him to travel the world teaching Pilates courses and workshops in the USA, Australia, UK, Italy, Greece, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey and London. Ed also features as a visiting instructor on Pilates Anytime, a popular online Pilates resource, making him a face many already recognise and trust in the industry! Ed is currently instructing at our Manly Studio and is quickly becoming a hit with our members, and as we say, best to book in early to avoid missing out!



Born and raised in South Africa, Daphne grew up playing a range of sports and learning various dance styles ranging from ballet to gymnastics, ballroom to belly dancing. It was during this period when Daphne discovered her fascination with human anatomy and body movement. Daphne went on to study and obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy at the China Medical University in Taiwan and throughout her academic years was an intern at various hospitals in Taiwan, Canada and Singapore, and has since accumulated a deep understanding and diverse knowledge of both Eastern and Western medical practices. Daphne was first exposed to Pilates during her university years and shortly after became obsessed with its benefits. Daphne is a BASI Pilates Certified Instructor and qualified to teach on the full range of equipment available, from Mat and Reformer right up to more complex apparatuses like the Cadillac. Daphne has now made it her life’s purpose to educate and help others work towards their physical and health goals through plenty of Pilates fun and positivity during workouts. Over the years, Daphne has helped clients of all ages from young adolescents to professional athletes gain confidence in leading an injury-free lifestyle through everyday mind-body awareness and exercise movements



Melanie Payne is a Pilates Master Trainer, certified with BASI and Pilates International with over 20 solid years Pilates experience. Melanie has a love for full expression through movement, which initially began as a professional dancer, and discovered Pilates whilst living and dancing in London to support her physically demanding dance schedule. Melanie previously delivered Cert IV and Diploma Teacher Training at Pilates International whilst then running a successful Pilates, Functional Movement and Wellness Studio for 12 years. Melanie has previously created industry leading Reformer Pilates programs during which time she upskilled and mentored teaching teams for 2 years and consulted on the expansion of the program throughout the industry. Whilst cultivating her craft, Melanie also became certified in Yoga, Holistic Health Counselling and is a Chek Exercise Coach, giving her a vastly unique and extensive body of knowledge in movement and wellbeing. Melanie has also presented at live events in the personal development industry and teaches not only the importance of physical presence, but also how to become comfortable in your own skin to embody self-belief and self-expression through Pilates. Melanie is a wonderful role model and an outstanding member of the Dynamic Pilates team and is available for Group Classes, Semi-Private and Private Sessions



Dinah originates from California and is a certified Pilates Instructor. Dinah spent much of her early years as a Gymnast and participating in Equestrian events. Dinah discovered Pilates after moving to Australia and where it became an instant passion. Dinah recognised the principles of Pilates, that being the concentration and coordination it requires, were reminiscent of her days spent in the gymnasium and Equestrian training back in California. Having felt the most benefit than any other form of exercise, Dinah knew she had found her perfect fit with Pilates. Working in the corporate world after graduating from University, Dinah enjoyed that fast paced lifestyle however learnt that her passion for helping people overshadowed her love of her corporate career and decided to undertake further Pilates education and complete her BASI Instructor training qualification. As a Pilates Instructor Dinah strives to motivate her clients to exceed their own goals and expectations whilst executing the Pilates movements with precision and accuracy. Dinah has a strong sense of client satisfaction and enjoys seeing the positive effects Pilates has on the body and the mind. As our resident Dynamic Pilates 30 Day Challenge Coordinator, Dinah loves being a part of the transformative process each client undergoes, supporting and guiding them through their tough times and celebrating with them during the good times. Dinah is also certified in Pre and Post-Natal Pilates and has a particular fondness towards her Mums and Bubs classes



A fresh but not a new face to the Pilates industry Kirsten began her Pilates journey eleven years ago managing a studio for the Hilton Hotel in the Maldives. Sparking a love for travel Kirsten spent a further five years overseas teaching Pilates and scuba diving; living in Indonesia, Central America and Italy. Kirsten moved to Sydney from Western Australia in 2016 and comes on-board highly experienced and with a diverse skillset across the range of Pilates techniques. Kirsten’s qualifications range across Pilates International, Art of Motion and Pilates Institute Australasia to Stott Pilates and Certificate IV in Fitness, Training & Assessment. Kirsten has even trained and mentored instructors in Western Australia’s most successful Pilates studios! Outside of Pilates, Kirsten is a skilled ecologist and is currently embarking on her PhD; “I believe that for every body there is an optimum level of function and fitness available that most people haven’t yet managed to tap in to. Shift something here, move something differently there; change your mind to change your body and you’ll find it’s amazing what you can achieve.’’. So whether you’re an athlete, new mum, desk jockey, retiree or someone looking to improve your fitness and find your ‘edge’, Kirsten’s Pilates classes at Dynamic Pilates provide you with the support and tools needed to achieve the level you’re after and instill the knowledge required to reach your health and fitness goals. Remember to reserve your place early to experience the true benefits of Dynamic Pilates with Kirsten!



Julie has been actively involved in fitness since the late 80’s and is a superstar amongst many disciplines in the sporting sector. Notably in 1993 Julie competed in the United States of America’s National Tae Kwon Do Championship Tournament and placed second in the Women’s division, and then went on to earn her Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do in 1994. Julie’s Pilates journey started in an effort to regain her fitness after the birth of her child. While practicing Pilates Julie found her posture, muscle strength, core control and body awareness improved way beyond expectation. Having practiced law in Australia and the United States since 1994, Julie had a desire to change careers while still focusing on helping others, it was the deep connection and passion for Pilates that inspired Julie to pursue her education and become a Pilates Instructor. Julie’s ability to incorporate her broad sporting knowledge and Pilates prowess into each class is a vital ingredient to tailor progression to each individual and to enhance their physical attributes and mental resilience. Julie is a qualified Anatomist and Physiologist and is Polestar International qualified across Mat, Reformer and Studio Pilates. Julie is also qualified in Pilates for Children and Seniors, as well as being First Aid trained. Julie proudly complements the Dynamic team offering a unique workout experience with many members already raving about their class success stories to date!



Janette has been practicing Pilates since 2003 and is a certified BASI Pilates Instructor. Janette’s own practice and teaching is founded on continuous exploration. She is constantly upgrading her knowledge and studying with internationally acclaimed teachers. With a background in dance, distance running and national level basketball, Janette will tailor a session to suit men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Janette is one of the more popular teachers at Dynamic Pilates for good reason, combining passion and skill in mat, reformer and the full Pilates studio equipment. Expect a fun, full body workout with plenty of options to adjust the intensity to suit your needs. As well as teaching Pilates Janette is a certified integrative nutrition health coach and teaches mindfulness and meditation for performance and wellbeing. Janette teaches at all four Dynamic Pilates studios - join her soon!



Mickie originates from London, England and spent many years focusing on dance before finding passion in the Fitness industry, having spent the past 15 years as a Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer and Fitness Presenter, and the last 10 years specialising in Barre and Reformer Pilates. Mickie loves the precision and grace of Pilates and is able to demonstrate the key knowledge and techniques in her classes, always ensuring her participants gain the most value out of their sessions. Mickie teaches a range of class types, from beginner to advanced, and delivers long lasting results in ways that are both rewarding and challenging to individual levels. Mickie’s class styles are upbeat, fun and easy to follow, and she loves nothing more than knowing participants walk away feeling energised, tall, toned and relaxed from her class experience



Passionate, creative and fun are some words Heidi’s clients would use to describe her teaching style. Heidi’s keen eye for movement, attention to detail and encouraging approach ensure her clients get the most of each session. Heidi enjoys creating unique exercise modifications to challenge her clients with a focus on neuromuscular strength training. Heidi believes fitness should be fun, challenging and remedial by nature. Growing up loving Competitive Gymnastics and Athletics, scoliosis and injury prevented Heidi from continuing these passions. After discovering Yoga in her early 20’s Heidi became fascinated with the notion of movement as medicine and went on to complete her first 200 hour Teacher Training in 2010, transitioning into a career of Holistic Health and Wellbeing. Stemming from Yoga training Heidi was introduced to Pilates, the combined modalities helped regain her flexibility and movement, treating her pain, while strengthening her core and changing her life in such a positive way she wanted to share it with others. Since completing her training Heidi is now a Certified STOTT PILATES trainer of Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. Heidi has also completed workshops for Athletic conditioning, Injuries and Special Populations. Heidi is also a qualified Personal Trainer, Pre and Post-natal Fitness Instructor and is a Teacher Trainer for Xtend Barre Australia



Nicola originates from Perth in Western Australia and knows Pilates inside out. Nicola has over a decade of experience in the Pilates industry having worked for some of the market leading Pilates studios in Perth, as well running her own Reformer and Barre Pilates studio in recent years prior to moving to Sydney. Nicola instructs a high standard of studio Pilates, pays careful attention to new and experienced participants, understands how to gain the maximum during each workout while correcting posture throughout. Nicola’s dedication to her clients and her practice of Pilates is more than just a job; it’s a true life passion with demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional development, regularly attending educational seminars, conferences and ideas workshops throughout Australia to ensure her Pilates Methods reflect the forefront of the industry. Nicola enjoys working with individuals and groups and is devoted to helping each and all of her clients reach their goals, always advocating technique while providing a challenging workout increasing muscle strength and core stability. Nicola is the perfect fit into the Dynamic Pilates team and we’re excited to have her on-board, best book into classes quickly to avoid missing out!



Brittany ("Britt") turned to Pilates over ten years ago when suffering significant pain after years of intensive ballet training. After practicing Pilates as a student, Britt decided to pass on the benefits to others and went on to do successfully complete Instructor training. Britt brings a wealth of knowledge to Dynamic Pilates Australia and also specialises in sports rehabilitation, focusing on correcting and teaching participants techniques with a fine eye for detail. Britt is passionate and dedicated about her craft, constantly enhancing her training and expanding her knowledge. Like all our Instructors, Britt is available for weekly 1:1 sessions or group classes

Studio Pilates and Reformer Pilates | Pre and Post-Natal | Rehabilitation | Spinal Mobility | Pilates for Golfers | Ballet Pilates | Educational courses run by Lolita San Miguel - Internationally acclaimed first generation Pilates Master Teacher, who trained with Joseph Pilates himself!



Amalie originates from Copenhagen Denmark and has a strong background in modern dance and general wellbeing. Amalie was 18 years of age when she moved to Germany to follow her passion and attend the Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance. Amalie successfully completed her professional dance education over the three year period, immediately relocated to New York and at the same time discovered Pilates and swiftly enjoyed the wonderful benefits it provided. While in New York Amalie remained focused on her career in dance, primarily in Broadway and Steps, but found Pilates fundamental to supporting her busy dance schedule. Amalie eventually relocated back to Germany and successfully completed the BASI Pilates Mat Program under the guidance of Natascha Eyber, BASI Faculty Member for Germany and Austria. While being back in Europe Amalie balanced her busy career as a Dance and Pilates Instructor before relocating to Sydney. Amalie is young at heart and brings a unique, highly experienced blend of Pilates to her class repertoire. Amalie’s classes are fun, engaging, challenging and come with positive energy



Tina is a qualified Mat and Reformer Pilates Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Stretch Therapist. Tina has the full package we love here at Dynamic Pilates; a consummate fitness professional with many years of experience spanning the general, and niche, fitness skillsets in both public and corporate environments. Tina has shown us she is passionate about the health and fitness industry and really cares for our members wellbeing, inspiring them to understand the benefits of movement and nutrition, along with enriched strength and flexibility stemming from Pilates. Pilates is Tina’s sweet spot, with her strong emphasis on members building a stronger core support system through Pilates progression, improving their sitting and standing postures and recognising the vital role individual muscles play in balancing out stability in our daily lives. Tina’s structured and consistent approach to the techniques applied in her Pilates classes has proven a hit with our members already, quickly becoming a popular choice in several of our studios!



Sabrina was born and raised in Brasil who moved to Sydney for sunshine, fun and to instruct Pilates. Sabrina like many of our Instructors comes from a fitness background and during that period has become a qualified Polestar Pilates Instructor. Sabrina has over ten years of Pilates experience and is dedicated to ensuring her workouts are of the highest quality, variety and enjoyment, while demanding strong focus on technique and body alignment. Sabrina is also equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy (with Honours) that is seeing many of our regular members really enjoy the full extent of her experience being thoughtfully crafted in each of their workouts. Sabrina offers creative and fun workouts and believes that through correct technique and properly executed movement anyone of all ages and fitness types can build a stronger body and improve their general well-being



Coming from the beautiful mountain area of southern Siberia, Natalia grew up trekking through the wilderness, white water rafting and snow skiing. A keen competitor in Latin American ballroom dancing, Natalia discovered Pilates was the most optimum way to keep fit and injury free. Although Natalia started her career as a lawyer, then moving on to Human Resources management and even trained as a chef, she found her real passion for health and fitness through studying Holistic Kinesiology, Nutrition and Integrative Medicine. Natalia applies this expansive knowledge into her love of Reformer and Barre Pilates and is selfless in her approach towards helping people new to Pilates learn, focus and understand the Pilates Method while providing a challenging and invaluable workout. Natalia is experienced in teaching students of all capabilities, all ages and her classes maintain strong focus on student’s techniques with correctional guidance, visual demonstrations and simple, easy to follow instructions. When Natalia is not teaching classes at Dynamic Pilates she enjoys endurance training, long distance walks and is motivated towards conquering Everest Base Camp. Dynamic Pilates is incredibly proud to have Natalia on-board and there’s a high demand for her classes, so be quick and book into one today!