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Although a reformer sounds eerily akin to a Super Hero it’s actually one of many fabulous exercise machines created by the founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates. He was a German-born immigrant who, after suffering a sickly childhood, became interested in a mind, body balanced approach to health. Upon adulthood, he began creating a system to achieve total wellness.

In the 1900’s, Joseph worked as a self-defence instructor in England and trained the detectives in Scotland Yard using his unique methods of strengthening, stretching, core work and rhythmic breathing. After experiencing an outbreak of influenza wherein his trainees were some of the few who remained healthy, Joe was certain that his unorthodox fitness methods worked to achieve optimal health.

With an emphasis on breathing, posture and a steady flow of specific movements, Pilates intends to strengthen the participant’s core and elevate their fitness level in a gentle and effective way.

Pilates Reformer Classes in Sydney

Pilates has become one of the most popular workouts of the 21st century. Using varied machines specifically designed for the Pilates moves, the participant performs a series of core strengthening movements

A key factor to a successful Pilates practice is the consistency of both the techniques and the quality of the movements. It is said that if you aren’t concentrating on the breath and alignment, you may not be gaining the full benefit of Reformer Pilates in Sydney.

At Dynamic Pilates our instructors are taught the core Pilates training principles and taken through rigorous training. They are instructed to introduce innovative new exercises into their classes as well as improved variations on the traditional exercises geared to challenge even the most experienced. When you’re looking for the best overall Reformer classes in Sydney, we have a class to fit your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Sydney Residents Gain the Benefits of Reformer Pilates in Studio

In addition to gaining lean, long muscles, and a strong core, those who practise Pilates regularly are more flexible, less stressed, and live healthier. The traditional aerobic and weight bearing exercises can sometimes lead to injury due to the short bursts of action and burden on the joints, ligaments, and muscles.

Pilates is a fantastic regime for those trying to heal from an injury or prevent injury altogether. A Pilates body is more flexible and better adept to deal with the everyday stressors of our busy world. At the centre of the Pilates system, the muscles are elongated and trained to be more elastic and there is a noticeable improvement in joint mobility.

Known as a gentle yet challenging fitness regime, Pilates offers a suitable alternative to the traditional weight bearing workouts that tend to weaken muscles over time due to an imbalance in the conditioning. Pilates has been known to improve athletic performance, and prevent injuries by creating an evenly conditioned body.

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