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Start Your Day Right With Pilates: 4 Reasons Why Pilates is a Great Way to Start Your Day

Start Your Day Right With Pilates: 4 Reasons Why Pilates is a Great Way to Start Your Day

Around this time of year, it always seems to get just that little bit harder to rise and grind – even for the best “morning people” among us. So if you feel your motivation waning, a workout in the morning can be a great way to start your day. Physiologically, it will boost your metabolism and stretch out your muscles and ligaments ready for a solid day’s work, but psychologically, it’ll make you feel on top of the world and ready to conquer anything.

Pilates in particular is an ideal way to start your day. Our classes at Dynamic Pilates prepare your body for the rest of the day through the use of slow and mindful movement. They are designed to be done in the morning to invigorate your mind AND body for the day ahead.

So before you’ve had your first coffee for the day (or at least before the second for all of us coffee addicts out there) – here are 4 reasons why you should start your day right with Pilates.


  • Pilates works out the stiffness and soreness from the day before

Whether you spend your days on your feet or working long hours at a desk, every day can take its toll on your body. Your joints compress, your muscles cramp and your posture suffers. In addition, these can often be exacerbated by hours of laying in a bed each night. The exercises in a good Pilates workout, such as our Reformer Pilates classes, can help remedy these for you each day. Many Pilates exercises focus on the spine, moving it gently in all directions to ensure that your spine is prepared to take on your day. In addition, these exercises work to open your chest and shoulders, improving your posture and breathing, as well as mobilising your hip joints and releasing your lower back. Simply put – a good Pilates routine in the morning prepares your body for the day, giving you more freedom of movement and less aches and pains.


  • Pilates kick starts and accelerates your metabolism

Coming along to one of our Manly, Glebe, Crows Nest or Sydney CBD Pilates classes is an ideal way to turbocharge your metabolism for the day. A typical Pilates workout won’t leave you totally exhausted and feeling like you are running on fumes for the rest of your day (you can read more about this here). In reality, a morning Pilates workout invigorates the body and leaves you feeling refreshed and more awake! The workout works by releasing and elongating a number of muscle groups, and working them just hard enough to stimulate a calorie burn that can last long after your workout.

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  • A morning Pilates workout releases all the right chemicals for your brain and body

A Pilates routine in the morning is the perfect way to release the chemicals that harness your brainpower, increasing your performance and energy levels, as well as staving off cravings. A great number of research has shown that morning exercise not only diminishes your appetite due to the release of endorphins, it also significantly increases mental acuity for up to 10 hours after your workout. So there’s real evidence showing that you really can start your day right with Pilates

Pilates exercise also helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, organs and tissues

The unique movements in a Pilates routine are perfect for increasing bloodflow through your body. The extra oxygen in turn makes your cardiovascular system work more efficiently, so you’ll have more energy to work harder or play harder every day. Taking Pilates classes in the morning boost both your body and your mind mood and energy levels for hours, leaving your better equipped to handle the challenges that come your way all day long.


  • Pilates primes your core

Your core is the base from your body performs and stays healthy. It is the basis for good posture, and a strong core is one of the only surefire ways to decrease your chance of other injuries. Many people are intimidating at the idea of training and toning their core, but Pilates makes it seem easy with its unique range of movements and exercises. At one of our pilates classes in Sydney (Manly, Glebe, Crows Nest and Sydney CBD), we guarantee you’ll give your core a proper workout and start your day right.

So there you have it – four great reasons you can and should start your day right with Pilates. Whether it’s morning, noon or night, our Pilates classes in Sydney are a great addition to your daily routine. For more information on our offering or to book a class right now, click here.