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Pilates Training is Perfect for Ocean Adventurers

Check out Crows Nest regular, Derek Bruce on the front page of the Mosman Daily!

You see Derek is about to embark on an epic adventure and he’s using Reformer Pilates to help him do it!

Early next year Derek will cross the Bass Strait…in a kayak – a journey of 350 kms, across a stretch of water notorious for rough seas and the odd shark! In fact to cross it is such a feat that it’s nicknamed the Everest of the Seas.

 Derek has been training hard on Sydney Harbour but as part of his prep he’s also been using Reformer Pilates to strengthen his core.

He says,

“You have to use your core to stabilise the kayak and keep your rowing stroke.”

After adding Reformer Pilates to his training he says,

I’ve noticed that my endurance has improved and I don’t have any back twinges.  My form has definitely improved in terms of rowing technique and I’m now powering from the core muscles as opposed to my shoulders”

We wish Derek all the best for his ocean adventure and can’t wait to hear how it all goes!

We love to see our members doing amazing things!!
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Derek Bruce Mosman Daily Dynamic PilatesDerek Bruce Mosman Daily Dynamic Pilates