Get a Better Body through Pilates Reformer Training with a Qualified Teacher/Instructor at Dynamic Pilates

Even if you’ve never seen a Pilates reformer, you’d probably recognise it. These machines resemble a sliding carriage complete with straps, bars, and springs designed to give you an amazing workout. You’ll sit, stand, kneel, or lie on the reformer during your class to build a stronger core and a more balanced body. While mat Pilates focuses on core-strength building, reformer Pilates offers even more because it incorporates added resistance from the pulley and spring system rather than just your body weight. This means that Pilates reformer training can help you achieve optimal strength, posture, and coordination.

Full Range of Motion

During pilates reformer teacher training, participants of the class learn that the bars and cables of the reformer ensure that you move your body through a full range of motion, which you might be unable to do otherwise. When you fix the cables to your feet or hold them in your arms, you’ll naturally extend your muscles to the fullest to follow their track. Without this guidance, it’s easy to fall into old patterns of movement that are less beneficial. Pilates exercises, when performed correctly, can give you the appearance of longer, leaner muscles, making your body look taller, leaner, stronger, and more graceful.

Fast Results

Because you’ll be performing each exercise correctly with the guidance of the reformer, you’ll see results sooner than when you work out on your own. The reformer’s multiple attachments also mean you can adjust the workout to suit your fitness level, giving you a challenging workout that isn’t so hard that you give up. You’ll notice greater definition in your arms, legs, and abs after just a few months of consistently attending Pilates classes with a qualified instructor.

Pilates Reformer Instructor Training at Dynamic Pilates

The best way to dive into the world of Pilates and see for yourself all it can do for you is with the guidance of a skilled teacher such as the ones at Dynamic Pilates. At our four convenient locations (Manly, Crows Nest, Glebe, and Sydney City CBD), we offer a variety of innovative Pilates classes designed to deliver a challenging and fun workout for you to enjoy as part of your healthy and fit lifestyle. Dynamic Pilates is partnered with BASI Pilates, the global leader in the Pilates Method with which many of our highly experienced and world-renowned teachers have qualifications. We offer group classes as well as private and semi-private sessions in our upmarket boutique studios.

While traditional Pilates focuses on building strength without bulk, improving flexibility, and preventing injury, Dynamic Pilates takes Pilates to the next level with a more exciting and challenging workout. Our instructors originate both from Australia and abroad and bring with them the best skills and latest knowledge in Reformer, Barre, and Studio Pilates. Our cutting-edge classes offer something for everyone, regardless of fitness level. For a superior experience unlike any other, contact Dynamic Pilates today and get ready to see what Pilates can do for you.

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