Pilates For The Older and Elderly Generation – The Perfect Anti-Ageing Exercise

Ah, Pilates.

The question isn’t who is it perfectly suited for – it’s who isn’t it suited for!? Youthful or wisened, athlete or professional, Sunday brunch goer, participating in Pilates is an ideal exercise regime to keep you lean, strong and happy.

But today, let’s talk about our seniors. Pilates training in Sydney is a great option for those of us in their elderly 50+ age range, particularly if we need some help to stay healthy, recover after surgery or simply want to stay nimble. Beginning a new exercise practice at an older age can be daunting and may cause you to question your strength capabilites. Pilates, however, offers a gentle approach as a beginner that can be increased in complexity and intensity – all with a view to significantly reduce the risk of injury and keep you feeling happier and healthier than ever before.

In our youth, we tend to push our limits while exercising at a break neck speed, but that’s not our aim here. If you need a way to take care of yourself at your own pace, one of our Pilates classes at our Sydney CBD, Crows Nest, Glebe or Manly studios could be just the thing you need.

Here are some more things you may not know about the benefits of Pilates training in Sydney as an elderly Senior.

Eliminate those hunched shoulders and wobble in your step

Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, claimed that “a man is as young as his spinal column.” The curving of the spine over time, due to the torso’s weakening muscles, can cause a host of back problems. Pilates’ emphasis on the core, both on your abdominals and lower back, can help if you have noticed a slump has snuck into your posture or your back is not as capable of keeping itself straight as it used to be. Pilates is more concerned with creating a stable foundation by addressing the midrange of your body and then working out towards your extremities. With a strong abdominal core that fosters balance, you will also be less prone to falling and injuring yourself.

Take it easy, but keep the physique

Consider Pilates if keeping a toned physique is important to you but you can no longer use gym equipment. As opposed to bench presses and squat racks, the Pilates Reformer machine uses your own body weight and tensioned springs to create resistance exercises. The springs and ropes are designed to simultaneously challenge you physically while preserving your joints and safety while exercising.

We can help you, what’s the problem?


Inflamed joints require gentle, mid-range movements – as high intensity exercise will only exacerbate your condition. Many Pilates exercises can be done in a chair or a reclined position – so we can help keep you healthy while keeping you off your feet.


Pilates leg exercises are known to increase bone density in both the hip and the spine, but lumbar focused exercises should be avoided. We recommend you consult one of our experts before your Pilates class to discuss how your workout can be shaped to suit your needs.

Before you book your first session with us, consult with your healthcare professional to discuss any barriers that may need to be accommodated in your Pilates journey. We are invested in your wellbeing and our expert instructors need to be aware of any risk factors during your training classes. Do not hesitate to give us a call on 02 8084 1897 to discuss how you can make Pilates training in Sydney work for your body and mind today.