Pilates Reformer Benefits and Where to Look for Pilates Equipment Sales in Australia

The Pilates Reformer is a popular piece of equipment that offers considerable benefits for those who use it regularly. Its straps, bars, and springs give you a serious workout – but one that anyone can do, making modifications to suit their fitness level. The Reformer has been around for a long time, and regular users enjoy less back pain, sharper body awareness, and greater flexibility. Here are some of the advantages of having your own Pilates Reformer at home.

Quick, full-body results

The Reformer’s multiple attachments allow you to adjust the workout to challenge you without pushing you too hard. That means that beginner users can stick to the basics, while seasoned pros can push themselves further, allowing anyone to achieve the perfect workout. The Reformer also offers resistance, meaning that your arms and legs will get an even better workout. Resistance provides not only better results but also faster results. The Reformer is the perfect piece of equipment for anyone who wants to progress, as there are many different exercises you can perform with more or less of your body weight on the carriage.

Wider range of motion

With mat Pilates, your range of motion is limited to what you can do on your own, but the Reformer enables you to extend your arms, legs, and core to their fullest. Performing the exercises alone, especially at home without an instructor, makes it easy to develop poor form habits, but the Reformer guides you to do the various movements correctly, sculpting and strengthening your body quickly and efficiently. Proper form in Pilates can give your muscles the long, lean appearance you crave, making your body look slimmer and sleeker.

The body you want

If other workouts have fallen short, give the Reformer a try. Many people find that the Reformer offers results other equipment can’t. Within a few short months of regular use, you’ll see striking results that will motivate you to continue your fitness progress. If you’re after slimmer arms, a smaller waist, and thinner thighs – along with stronger, leaner, muscles – then the Reformer is for you.

Pilates Equipment Sales in Australia at Dynamic Pilates

If you’re looking for Pilates equipment, look no further than Dynamic Pilates. Dynamic Pilates has four locations and offers Pilates equipment sales online as well. Here, you’ll find the Pilates Reformer alongside many other useful and popular pieces of Pilates equipment such as the Ladder Barrel, Raised Mat, Spine Corrector, Wall Tower, Wunda Chair, Cadillac and many more. We also offer a range of classes for all ages and fitness levels, including beginners, intermediate, and advanced classes as well as barre, prenatal, postnatal, and seniors’ classes. Whether you prefer to work out with a group in an encouraging, positive environment or purchase your own equipment to use in the privacy and convenience of your home, contact Dynamic Pilates to learn more about Pilates equipment in Australia.

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