Pilates And Your Mental Health

Many people come to our Pilates classes in Sydney to ease joint pains, achieve a flatter stomach or strengthen their body’s core support system. Sometimes the most amazing part happens when clients start seeing changes not only in their bodies but also in their minds, their emotions and their lives altogether.

The modern world is full of stress and chaos. We are all looking for a personal state of peace and tranquility to help make sense of everything going on in our lives. When searching for that inner balance, we usually consider popular self-improvement techniques like meditation or affirmations, but we rarely consider a form of exercise as a viable tool to help us balance our lives.

As Joseph Pilates stated: “The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.” Put simply, Pilates is more than just a workout. Anyone who’s been practicing it for a while knows Pilates doesn’t only sculpt your body, it conditions your mind providing clarity, while improving energy levels and enriching inner serenity.

But more than just anecdotes – check out these five scientifically proven reasons Pilates is your ticket to a mindful style of living:

Pilates helps release emotional tension with mindful movement

Pilates allows you to release tension in your muscles and gain control of the deep core muscles that tend to be closely connected to emotional baggage. By releasing the tension in your muscles, you often release much of your emotional tension. Our clients find that through Pilates, they are able to let go of the emotional baggage they’ve been carrying around in their daily lives.

Pilates makes you happier

When our body is positively stressed, like when you complete a great workout, endorphins are released into the body that make you feel good. If you enjoy your Pilates workout and focus on it, and while avoiding your mind wandering somewhere else, you’ll feel happy and calm at the end of each workout.

If you’re interested in learning more, or finding this same happiness for yourself – simply come on down to one of our Pilates classes in Sydney CBD and/or Manly.

Deep muscle activation allows for better function of the nervous system

When you learn to voluntary engage certain muscles (such as the deep core activation in Pilates) you fire a movement chain that might have been dormant for a longer period of time. Did you know that your core consists of 29 muscles? Much more than the conventional “six-pack” we all hear about. Pilates teaches you to learn to use this muscle group and is a cleansing rinse for your nervous system.

A healthy nervous system means better communication between your brain and other parts of your body as well as the release of stress-fighting and mood-boosting hormones.

Pilates helps you grow confidence

Pilates focuses on good posture and proper body alignment. Good posture is important for your health, and you will also gain confidence by benefiting from it. Joseph Pilates states that through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, the unique trinity of a balanced body, mind and spirit can be attained – and improved self-confidence soon follows.

Pilates teaches you to be more creative

Exercise and mindfulness meditation each have proven to improve creativity. When you combine the two in a Pilates workout, you witness better results for your mind and your body. After all, a creative and open mind lets us experience a full life and improves behaviours to deal with life’s everyday challenges.

If you have been searching for mindful movement and the ability to unlock your peace of mind through Pilates, check out our 2 for $20 New Member Special for a taste of the Dynamic Pilates experience. We host dozens of Pilates classes in Sydney each day across our two studios, so for any enquiries or to learn more about our offering, give our team a call on 02 8084 1897 or pop us a message today!