AOK Resistance Band (Medium, 1.2m Length)
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AOK Resistance Bands are the perfect complement to your Pilates workout. The force produced by elastic resistance is linear and ascending, meaning that resistance increases proportional to amount the band is stretched (percent elongation). This increasing force curve is relatively flat within the clinical elongations (25-300%). Resistance to double length approx 6Kg.

In nearly every clinical trial in the literature, elastic resistance has been shown to increase strength. This increase ranges from 10 to 130%, and occurs in a variety of populations, from athletes to older adults. They key is to dose the appropriate resistance levels with the individual, since everyone’s strength capacity is different. In addition, elastic resistance training has been reported to increase gait and mobility, balance, function, and reduced pain.

Dimensions – Single Band: 1.2m x 0.30mm x 14.5cm

The AOK Resistance Band is also available in a package from Dynamic Pilates with the AOK Double Handle Pilates Ring and AOK Pilates Ball.

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