AOK Pilates Ball (23cm)
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Latex (Rubber), BPA & Phthalate Free, the AOK Pilates Ball is adaptable and versatile. Used for resistance, it targets difficult areas such as the inner and outer thighs and the upper arms. The AOK Pilates Ball can also be used as an unstable platform to enhance balance and body awareness.

Who is the Pilates Ball suitable for?

Everybody! The Pilates Ball allows you to work at your own level to build muscular strength and flexibility. Extremely versatile and easily portable, the Pilates Ball is great for all exercise environments and can be as challenging to the first-time exerciser as it is for the athlete.

The AOK Pilates Ball can be used in conjunction with relaxation, concentration, alignment, centering, breathing, coordination, flowing, movements and stamina.

The AOK Pilates Ball is also available in a package from Dynamic Pilates with the AOK Double Handle Pilates Ring and AOK Resistance Band.

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