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New Reformer Pilates “Stretch & Relax” class at our Manly Studio

You know that Dynamic Pilates’ Reformer Pilates classes are great for building long lean muscles and creating better body alignment, but did you know that you can also stretch on the Reformer machine? Stretching on the Reformer allows you to lengthen longer and stretch deeper into your muscles, while improving flexibility and posture.

Everyone is talking about meditation. Scientific research shows that meditation can deliver long term health benefits and even changes in brain function. So if you want to keep your muscles flexible and free from injury, learn how to reduce stress by developing a calm and clear mind then Dynamic Stretch & Relax is the class for you.

This new class type will feature a 30 minute stretch of the entire body followed by 20 minutes of mindfulness and meditation practice and will be led by Janette. The class is suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced and runs out of our Manly studio on Sundays at 11am.


  • Stretch the body. Relax the mind
  • Master the art of sitting still
  • Reward and replenish the mind and body
  • Improve posture and flexibility
  • Keep calm and stretch!