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Meet Dynamic Pilates CBD Instructor Lauren Beuvink

At Dynamic Pilates we are incredibly lucky to have a world-class teaching team with some of the best Pilates instructors in Sydney. Each instructor is different but they are all industry leaders with over 500 + teaching hours and their dedication and professionalism are second to none. We thought we would share a little bit more about our awesome instructors. First up is a quick Q&A with one of our newest team members, Dynamic Instructor, Lauren Beuvink.

Meet Dynamic Instructor Lauren

In 2019 Lauren Beuvink started her BASI Pilates teacher training course at our Sydney BASI Pilates host studio. After hours of dedication and practice, Lauren has become a valued member of the Dynamic Pilates CBD teaching team.

We caught up with Lauren to ask her a few questions about her Pilates journey. These are her words…

DynamicPilates Instructor lauren

Q. What motivated you to start Pilates and become a BASI Pilates instructor?

I discovered my love for Pilates after attending classes at a local Pilates studio near to where I was living at the time.

I had suffered from years of terrible migraines (to the point where I was unable to function properly on a day to day basis). Sometimes I would have a migraine that would last an entire week. I had tried every medication available to prevent my migraines but nothing had seemed to work. I also had lower back pain and was somewhat of an anxious, highly-strung personality.

I think I was very unaware of the effect poor physical health (including poor posture etc.) and stress was having on my overall well being.

It was in Pilates that I finally found some respite and some peace. I was able to begin the process of physical and mental rehabilitation and transform my life for the better. Since I began my journey to become a BASI Pilates instructor I have experienced significantly less migraines – more than any medical treatment was able to offer, no more ongoing back pain and I have generally felt better in all aspects of my well being.

I believe Pilates is one of the rare forms of exercise that is accessible to all people – young/elderly, injured/healthy, fit/unfit. Every person can benefit from the power of Pilates.

Also very important to me is the concept that Pilates is ‘meditation in motion’. Not only does Pilates offer physical health benefits, but it can also heal the mind of stress and anxiety.

Lauren Spine CorrectorQ. What is the best advice you’ve ever had?

Something I learnt in my science degree when I took my psychology course.

“People’s level of motivation, affective states, and actions are based more on what they believe, than what is objectively the case.” Albert Bandura.

Put more simply, believing in oneself is the single most powerful thing when it comes to success. I try to make each and every one of my students whatever level of expertise, feel like they are capable of achieving whatever they put their mind to. Often times in class a client may doubt their ability to do something and this prevents them from doing the exercise, when I make them believe they can do it, suddenly I find that they get up and manage to complete the exercise perfectly. The mind is a very powerful tool in teaching.

Throughout my life, many of the things I have achieved have been due to the mindset that I believed I could do it.

Q. What is your favourite Pilates exercise and why?

There are too many favourites it’s hard to pick one! But probably the ‘long spine’.

Because it is a fairly difficult exercise to teach but very rewarding once students understand it and get it right. Everyone that I teach it to loves it once they do it correctly.

I also love the ‘long spine’ because there is an element of fear that you must overcome when doing the exercise for the very first time. You must trust and believe in your ability to accomplish the exercise. It’s like a leap of faith!

Dynamic Pilates CBD studio ReformerQ. What can we find you doing when you are not doing Pilates?

I have two dogs that I adore, a Pomeranian and a Cavoodle! I love to spend my spare time with my dogs. I love training them and taking them for walks along the harbour. I also enjoy the simple things in life, like enjoying a nice sunset by the pool.

My other hobbies include watching movies – I also studied film at university so I love watching movies, analysing the different camera angles and such.

My partner is a personal trainer so I also enjoy the occasional workout at the gym. I like being taught by someone else for a change and learning new things.

Q. Tell us something our Dynamic Pilates clients might find surprising about you

I have a background in science. I have a Bachelor of Advanced Science from the University of New South Wales. I love anatomy and understanding the way various muscle groups work, as well as all the other sciences like chemistry etc. I’m a bit of a nerd! I used to love wearing my lab coat and dissecting specimens etc.

Q. What is the best thing that has happened in class recently?

A student that has done a lot of classes with Dynamic before telling me that she really enjoyed my style of teaching. That she likes the way I give little examples that are easy to understand or how I will get the students to do certain exercises with me. I love positive feedback from students. I aim to make my classes enjoyable for all students regardless of experience, age etc.

Q. How do you motivate clients when you are teaching and /or what is your favourite motivational quote?

I think I motivate my clients through my positive upbeat energy, and my relatable nature.

I am a firm believer in what Joseph Pilates said, “We are the architect of our own happiness”, I try to bring a positive mindset to everything I do in life. That includes my classes!

I believe my energy sets the mood for the class. I also like to use fun little analogies that sometimes make people laugh, rather than using terms that are too technical that people wouldn’t understand, for instance when we do the single leg skating, I might say ‘let’s do a karate kick out to the side’, or when doing the breaststroke I might say ‘let’s pretend we have chicken wings, tuck those elbows into your sides’.

I like students to find my classes easy to follow and I believe little analogies like this help. And they also make my classes fun! I like my students to have fun. After all, we need more fun in our lives!

Lauren teaches group classes on Wednesday evenings at our CBD studio

If you would like to try a class with Lauren and you haven’t been to our studios before you can take advantage of our Intro Offer – 2 x Reformer or Tower classes for $20. Purchase today online via Mindbody