Interested in Training with a Teacher in a Mat Pilates Course? A Qualified Instructor at Dynamic Pilates Can Help You Achieve the Body You Want

If you haven’t participated in mat Pilates, it may look like a relatively easy workout. Much of the workout is performed in a supine or prone position using slow, controlled movements and no equipment. However, each Pilates move relies on principles such as concentration, fluidity, balance, and breath. You’ll tone your muscles and improve your coordination through your mind-body connection. Although Pilates is not a strenuous aerobic workout, it offers superior benefits when it comes to muscle strength and tone.

Improved Core Strength

A mat Pilates course is one of the most effective ways to develop core strength and stability. When you have a strong core – your back, abs, and glutes – your overall fitness level is higher, and everything you do daily will be easier. A strong core also improves your posture and makes you less likely to become injured.

Optimal Body Composition

Regular Pilates mat training can enhance your overall body composition. When you challenge your body with Pilates, you can see significant results in a matter of weeks – less body fat, stronger, leaner muscles, and a better-defined shape.

Better Spine Health

Mat Pilates teacher training can help individuals with back care issues. This effective workout can help balance the body, providing postural symmetry and helping you avoid injury that could be caused by uneven stress patterns on discs and joints in the back. Pilates can also improve shoulder and hip mobility, protecting the spinal column from excess stress. By focusing on proper back alignment, Pilates can even make participants more aware of how they hold their bodies throughout the day.

Benefit from Mat Pilates Teacher Training at Dynamic Pilates

At Dynamic Pilates, we dedicate ourselves to helping our students learn about the many advantages of Pilates through mat Pilates instructor training in our range of classes. We offer four convenient locations: Manly, Crows Nest, Glebe, and our newest location—Sydney City CBD. What makes Dynamic Pilates different? We take the principles of traditional Pilates and give them an energetic twist for an even more effective, fun, and challenging full-body workout.

When you participate in our cutting-edge classes with a qualified instructor, you’ll experience the true definition of Dynamic Pilates. Our instructors come from Australia as well as overseas, and they possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. Your teacher will be able to guide you through a safe workout and show you how to modify it to address your needs, regardless of your current level of fitness. Sign up for a Pilates course at Dynamic Pilates, and you’ll have the opportunity to explore the benefits of our various Pilates styles and machines, so you can find the workout that suits you best or keep things interesting by participating in different classes.

At Dynamic Pilates, we pride ourselves on delivering a superior experience with an intense set of programs designed to give you a healthier, slimmer figure and all the benefits of lean, toned muscles. We are also proud to have been chosen by BASI (the global leader in the Pilates Method) to be Sydney’s only host for BASI Pilates Teacher Training and Accreditation Programs. Looking for a great way to get started? Ask us about our 30-Day Challenge today and move closer to your health and fitness goals.

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