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Living a healthy lifestyle means different things to people. Some prefer to limit their caloric intake or stop eating certain foods while others work to incorporate a regular fitness routine into their busy lives. One such physical training method that has gained popularity over the last 50 years is Pilates.

The focus of Pilates is mainly to improve one’s flexibility, prevent or overcome injury and build core and muscle strength and the benefits are plentiful. Pilates enthusiasts publicise the many benefits of Pilates.

Known as a challenging workout that focuses on core body strength and flexibility, Pilates has a steady stream of followers who swear by the benefits of their sessions. The benefits include correcting posture, muscle and core strength and rhythmic breathing, and an overall mind-body connection.

The Benefits of Using a Wunda Chair to Enhance your Pilates Practice

Some of the most common exercise equipment used in traditional Pilates includes the Wunda Chair, the Reformer, and Ladder Barrel. Each of these tools comes with a unique set of advantages for the user.

For example, the Wunda Chair is just one of the pieces of exercise equipment designed by the Pilates founder, Joseph Pilates. It’s a box-shaped chair that is low to the ground. One side of the chair has a pedal that can be pressed down just like a gas pedal. Some models have the pedal divided into two sections, which can be used together or alone independent of the other for added resistance for the user.

Even with its simple design, the chair provides the user with many different movement opportunities. The moves are intended to be performed while sitting, lying on or standing on the chair and from either side. The chair design is stable and allows the user a great deal of flexibility for ingenious and new Pilates moves.
Research indicates that the traditional chairs were made using wood, and included a padded top for comfort and could also serve as furniture when converted into a standard sitting chair. Modern-day Wunda Chair designs are lighter, more efficient versions of the chair enable use at home and allow for easy storage without taking up a lot of space.

Tone and Flatten your Abs with the Ladder Barrel and Wunda Chair

The Ladder Barrel is a barrel type mechanism that challenges the stability of one’s core and increases the strength of the Pilates enthusiast. This key Pilates machine was designed to condition and strengthen the core while enhancing flexibility and movement.

Some believe that Joseph Pilates created the first Ladder Barrel machine using an empty beer barrel. The Ladder Barrel is made from a cushioned barrel and includes ladder-like rungs to put on the hands and feet. It has an adjustable base and can accommodate most body shapes and sizes. The purpose of the barrel is to work to align the spine through a series of movements.

Dynamic Pilates offer a variety of group classes and personalised Pilates instruction using the Wunda Chair and Ladder Barrel, so our members gain the full impact of traditional Pilates exercise equipment.

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