Is Pilates Good For Weight Loss?

pilates Sydney CBD weight loss

Is pilates good for weight loss?

Across all four of our Sydney pilates studios, there is one question that continues to crop up again and again. From the moment they walk through the door, our newest Dynamic Pilates visitors and members want to know one thing from our instructors.

Is pilates good for weight loss?


So, with the much anticipated return of our fortnightly blog series, we thought we’d settle this one once and for all.


In short: Pilates is not only good for weight loss – it’s perfect for body shaping and is a great option to improve your all-round fitness.


While it’s inherently difficult to calculate exactly how many calories a Pilates practitioner burns, this article by Livestrong has estimated that the average male or female will burn between 200 and 500 calories during a single one hour Pilates session. There are a number of variables involved, including weight and type of Pilates, as well as muscle mass. But, as a general rule – the more intense or technical the Pilates workout, the more calories you’ll burn.

Pilates presents a great option for a solid workout, not only for weight loss but also improved core strength and flexibility to boot. However, some of the more traditional aerobic and anaerobic activities, such as running on a treadmill, riding a bike or lifting weights do present a superior option for calorie burning and weight loss.

A study in 2004 showed that if weight loss were the primary objective, then Pilates was not the ideal option. For example, running for one hour at a brisk pace burns approximately 500-800 calories – one and half times that of a typical Pilates workout.

However, we tend to focus on something else. Rather than simply aiming for weight loss to look great, you can instead look to shape your body to look more natural and healthy. And that is exactly what Pilates offers. Calorie Secrets, the online resource for weight loss, describes Pilates as a great “shaper of the body”. Not only will you see improved posture, but the lean muscle that is gained through Pilates often has the effect of flattening the stomach and making the hips and waist appear firmer.


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So, not only is Pilates a great exercise regime for weight loss and lean muscle gain – it also has a number of added benefits in comparison to more traditional activities. Where running has been shown to cause significant knee and joint issues, cycling is heavily concentrated on the legs and lifting weights presents a number of complexities and safety issues, Pilates offers a full body workout wherein you can increase your core strength, enhance your flexibility and work up a sweat. In our opinion, and for many of our members, we find that Pilates offers the ideal combination of a good workout for weight loss, lean muscle gain, core strength and flexibility, whilst preserving your joints. And all of this in an inclusive, friendly group or small group setting.


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By combining 2-3 Pilates sessions per week (you can find our Session Packs here) with a balanced diet and some complementary exercise outside of the studio – you’ll be looking and feeling better in no time!