Getting to Know the Reformer Machine and Our Other Pilates Equipment

When you walk into a Pilates studio for the very first time, you’re completely unfamiliar with your surroundings. And it sure can be a little overwhelming.

At one end of the room is a huge mirror fitted onto the wall and throughout the room are a bunch of complex-looking contraptions. The great news is, they’re not torture devices from the dark ages, so go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief.

In reality, the Reformer machines and other Pilates equipment you are greeted may just become some of your favourite tools, just as they are ours.

These machines are here to help you achieve your fitness and figure goals – if you use them in just the right way.

But, first, you have to gain an understanding of what they are and the purpose of each piece of equipment. Like any other exercise equipment, these exercise machines can be quite intimidating if you don’t know how they work.

In this article, we break down the what, why and how of the BASI Systems Reformer Combo and Reformer with Tower. Even if you’re an instructor who’s looking into buying your own equipment, you too will stand to benefit from the information that our team of Pilates experts has to share here today.

Demystifying the Reformer: Fun Fitness In a Nutshell

Reformer Pilates is a resistance method of Pilates takes place on an apparatus that we call the Reformer machine. The structure of the Reformer resembles a bed frame, with a flat platform, but comes with an assortment of ropes, handles and pulleys attached. These enable users to participate in a range of exercises with resistance, using their own body weight on the Reformer bed.

We assure you, Reformers aren’t as scary as they look. They are there to provide support and options when it comes to the various types and levels of resistance that Pilates requires.

So what’s different about the BASI Systems Reformer?

The BASI Systems Reformer Combo and Reformer with Tower are among the best equipment available in the industry. They were both designed with comfort, a huge range of exercise options and seamless mobility in mind. They come with a spacious carriage, orthopedic cushioning across the frame, a wide selection of settings, and multiple uses and fittings. With their unique design, you can upgrade each model to facilitate a number of different exercises to your liking. Some of the upgrades include:

  • F2 System – helps to transform your Reformer to accommodate expansion of your range of exercises.
  • Trapeze for Combo – strong suspension with adjustable resistance.
  • Extension Leg Set (tall) – for adjusting leg height considerably.
  • Extension Leg Set (medium) – for adjusting leg height slightly.

How Can You Benefit from a Good Quality Reformer?

There are many perks of having access to the right Reformer equipment, ranging from safety to results. A good Reformer gives you the platform to explore your limitations and challenge yourself to grow. The more you use it, the better you become. Top-quality Reformer machines like we use at Dynamic Pilates Sydney reduce your risk of injuries and make your exercise routine more effective.

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