Dynamic Pilates Client Story – Olly Dix

The Real Benefits of Private 1:1 Pilates sessions – A client story

At Dynamic Pilates Australia we’ve built a reputation for providing outstanding Reformer Pilates and Tower Pilates classes with our highly skilled Pilates Instructors and we are proud to welcome all ages and abilities to our Sydney Pilates studios. But in between the busy group class schedules, our dedicated instructors often work with clients individually, taking them through specifically tailored exercises on our BASI Systems apparatus. Some clients choose the personal attention of a 1:1 Private Pilates session to help with a particular injury or fitness goal, for others, a Private 1:1 session is the perfect preparation for group Pilates classes. If you are thinking of trying a Private 1:1 Pilates session or are a complete newbie to Pilates we reckon the best way to find out more about us is to hear our client stories…

Meet Dynamic Pilates client, Olly Dix

Dynamic Pilates client, Olly Dix walked through the doors to our Manly studio after he developed back pain from working at his kitchen table during lockdown. Olly is no stranger to fitness regimes but had never tried Pilates before. He signed up to his first Private 1:1 session and quickly discovered the many benefits of 1:1 Pilates sessions under the expert guidance of Dynamic Pilates instructors, Gemma, Natalia and Julie. We caught up with Olly to ask him a few questions about his experience. These are his words…

Q. Why did you decide to start 1:1 Private Pilates sessions at Dynamic Pilates?

A. I have always been a very active person going to high-intensity gym classes and spin classes as well as running and sailing. When the pandemic hit and we had the lockdown I spent more time at home working, sitting at my kitchen table. What resulted was lower back pain, which had been prevalent since a young age, however this time the pain was worse than ever. I went to see an osteopath in the CBD who helped me and strongly recommended Pilates to focus on building strength in my core, which over a long period would reduce the pain. As I had never taken any form of Pilates class before I decided to have 1:1 private classes as I had very little idea what was involved.

Q. How have regular Pilates 1:1 sessions helped you with your other interests/goals?

A. I have had three sessions a week over the last four months to focus on building my core strength. The private 1:1 sessions have provided me with a greater understanding of my body and the reason why my lower back has been painful over the last years. Each instructor has been able to explain the purpose of each position and exercise with the reasoning behind it.

Q. What sort of benefits have you noticed?

A. The overwhelming benefit for me has been not suffering from lower back pain. This has been the number one goal. I have also seen that I have become more flexible and agile resulting in now having the confidence to going back to some of my gym classes and performing the exercises correctly. In addition, I have gained an understanding of the muscle groups and how they are linked as well giving me the confidence to stretch at home properly.

Q. Tell us a bit about the Dynamic instructors and how they have helped you?

A. Gemma, Nat and Julie have been fantastic. At the start of each session, all three of them ask “how has the body been feeling?” so that they are able to get an understanding of any changes and if to focus on any particular areas. In addition, each of them has a particular unique additional tip, Julie: feet positioning and rubbing at home, Nat: breathing linked to the exercises, and Gemma: particular focusing the exercises for my lower back. In addition, with my work schedule, all of them have been flexible with timing been able to accommodate at short notice.

Q. What are you working towards at the moment and in the near future? Are you training for anything in particular?

A. A primary focus has always been on my core strength and my lower back to ensure I don’t suffer from the pain again. As I have become more flexible, I want to continue to increase the flexibility as this has brought confidence in other sports; surfing, swimming, sailing and skiing.

Q. Do you have any advice for others thinking of taking up 1:1 Private Pilates sessions at Dynamic Pilates?

A. I would 1000% recommend the 1:1 private sessions with Gemma and the team for anyone who has suffered from back pain from work, sporting injuries or wanting a particular focus. The instructors are very helpful, making sure you understand why each exercise is performed and getting an understanding of your particular needs and goals. Thanks, Olly. We are so pleased that you are enjoying your Private 1:1 sessions. If you haven’t tried a Private 1:1 Pilates session with us yet you can purchase your first session for a special INTRO PRICE of $99 (save $26). Our new Dee Why Pop Up studio opens Friday, 15 January specialising in Private 1:1’s, Duets (2 people) and Semi-private classes (upto 4 people). Book an appointment online here. Or contact us to discuss your Pilates goals. See you soon!