Dynamic Pilates 30 Day Challenge August Winner, Sonya Rawlinson

Q & A with August 30 Day Challenger Winner – Sonya Rawlinson

Sonya won our August 30 Day Challenge and lost 81cm across six body areas! A fantastic result! We asked her a few questions about her experience and how she did it!

1. Why did you decide to try Reformer Pilates?

I’ve been doing Pilates for around 10 years now and I first got into it after I had a flare up of an old knee injury

2. What benefits have you experienced since starting Reformer Pilates?

So many.  I have managed to avoid having my knee operated on again, which is the best part for me.  I also find it really helpful to stretch out after sitting for the majority of the day at work

3. What made you decide to do our 30 Day Challenge?

Since an overseas holiday last year I had put on a few extra kilos and I was starting to really notice it, particularly as my wardrobe options dwindled, as I couldn’t fit into my clothes!  While I have been keeping active over this period it was really my diet which was letting me down.  Just before the challenge started I had also been going through a pretty intense period at work and I thought that the challenge would be perfect to help me get back on track.  While I knew perfectly well what I should change, I needed the accountability of being involved in the challenge to motivate me

4. What did you enjoy most about our 30 Day Challenge?

While the results I achieved were great, the thing that I didn’t expect was how much I enjoyed the classes.  Even though I have been doing Pilates for a long time, the number of classes over the challenge period was a definite step up in intensity.  I really feel like I have improved over the period of the challenge which has probably been the most pleasing aspect for me

5. What was the hardest part of our 30 Day Challenge?

There were a few things that were challenging for me.  I work full time in the city so adjusting my schedule to fit in the classes was hard.  I’m definitely getting up earlier now! I also usually go to the gym near my work during the week and while I did still keep going, I took it a lot easier than I normally would. The other hard part was trying to stick to the diet guidelines, especially when eating out when you are surrounded by so many tempting alternatives

6. Any advice for people considering trying Reformer Pilates or our 30 Day Challenge?

Do it!  I am so glad that I decided to do it and while adjusting to the diet was hard, I saw results after only a couple of weeks on the challenge which motivates you to keep going through to the end.  And when it comes to food, preparation is key!  I packed all my food for each day before work and had my dinners planned and ready to go each night

7. What’s next after completing our 30 Day Challenge?

Trying to make sure I don’t fall back into bad habits!  I’ve tried for the most part to keep my diet pretty clean and have added some extra Pilates classes during the week.  I’m even thinking of doing the next challenge too as it’s perfectly timed to get me beach ready for my upcoming holiday

..CONGRATULATIONS again Sonya, incredible results!

Our next 30 Day Challenge commences on Monday 10th October. Read more about what’s involved here.