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Pilates – What’s the difference between Reformer Pilates and Regular Pilates?

Using the Reformer machine we focus on the same regular Pilates techniques but with the added challenges of further resistance with the springs and the unstable ground of the carriage, as well as foot and hand straps, that provides you with a whole new dimension to the exercises. Reformer Pilates still focuses heavily on the core (which helps with stability and teaches control), posture and alignment, balance and strengthening and is a very free flowing, non-stop work out

Our Reformer classes are typically a lot smaller – our classes have a maximum of 12 participants, enabling you to receive more guidance and attention from our instructors, and ensure you’re executing the exercises effectively and safely. Pilates Reformer machines will provide you with a workout unlike any other exercise and benefit you with a long, lean and graceful line, incredible core strength and after a short while, a rewarded tone to your body