A great total body workout, Dynamic Reformer Mat is the essence and foundation of the Pilates method but performed on the Pilates Reformer. Dynamic Pilates unique Reformer Mat class will improve your core strength, trunk stability, flexibility, control, coordination, balance, posture and body awareness while flowing with precision from one exercise to the next. In the Dynamic Pilates Reformer Mat class clients will learn and perform all specialised Pilates exercises on a mat built into the Reformer while under superior guidance from our internationally renowned Instructors


    The level “beginners” doesn’t just relate to level of fitness. These classes still provide a challenging workout but with no more than a small group, our beginners class provides the ideal environment to become familiar with the Reformer, teaching you correct use of the Reformer machines along with efficient movement and deliberate breathing patterns using controlled exercises. It is recommended you do at least 3-4 of these classes before moving on to the intermediate classes – they are by no means “easy”


    The workout is more intense, the pace is faster. As an intermediate participant, you will know when you are struggling and be able to self-regulate your exercise level more than a beginner, you will have increased body awareness, understand your weaknesses and be able to recognise when your body is being overly challenged in an exercise


    A step up in weight, duration and intensity with more advanced moves. As an advanced participant, you should have developed your ability to concentrate and know your strengths and weaknesses, therefore being able to select the progression best suited to you. You’ll perform different and varied routines with greater precision and fewer rests. You need to be sure of and comfortable with your technique as there is less explanation. A much harder, faster and more dynamic session to increase effort and control, this class is great for improving overall strength and endurance while burning calories


    Dynamic Pilates brings you the perfect way to incorporate heart-pumping cardio work into your Reformer Pilates routine. This unique and innovative full body workout consists of a continuous flow of Reformer Pilates exercises utilising the attached Jumpboard. Our carefully constructed Reformer Fit exercise program consists of numerous benefits above and beyond your regular Dynamic Pilates Reformer classes – muscles you never knew will suddenly wake up and join the party! You’ll instantly feel the burn in your arms, legs and core, improving your power, speed and control. Guaranteed!! Our internationally recognised Pilates instructors empower you and challenge you to strive for more with new and exciting positions, and it wont be too long until you start to realise an improved, toned physique


    Our Reformer Tower class is a dynamic workout open to students with Pilates experience. This is a fast pace class with instruction designed to guide you through a unique, multi-faceted Pilates experience on the Reformer Tower using the built in mat, props and springs to create a challenging and invigorating total body experience. For many Pilates practitioners the Reformer Tower apparatus is their favourite. Springs and mat fuse forces for a unique and enriched Pilates experience like no other


    Dynamic Mum’s & Bub’s class has been designed for new mothers to come and enjoy a safe and enriched workout to kick start a return to their pre-baby body. The class offers many of the regular Reformer Pilates exercises in addition to improving upper body and core strength while maintaining great posture and mobility when carrying your baby. There is also specialised focus on your pelvic floor and for some mothers, managing abdominal separation, working through a range of post-natal techniques. Remember its important you speak to your doctor prior to joining to our Mum’s & Bub’s class to ensure your health and safety during sessions. The current way for you to join a Mum’s & Bub’s class is to get a group of new mums together and we will charge a flat fee of $130 per class, so the more who join, the more you save!


    We also offer classes specifically designed for women during pregnancy, not only focusing on core stability, full body strength and increasing your fitness but also to help speed up the process of getting your body back in shape after childbirth.  These classes are a great way to help your body cope with the changes you’re experiencing and prepare it for the hard journey ahead!


    Our Post Natal classes are specifically designed to retrain your muscles and to help them activate properly. By focusing on activating in the correct sequence, you will be able to use these muscles more effectively, cope more easily with the demands of the months to follow and get that post baby body back sooner than you think!


    This class focuses more on correcting posture and the re-learning of the activation and control of our core muscles. Years of doing most of our day to day duties in a forward flexed position leads to poor posture and the actual “turning off” or relaxation of certain muscles, all of which eventually lead to bad habits. This class will teach you how to turn these muscles back on while also providing all the other benefits both Pilates and regular exercise has to offer. With such a big core focus, it will have you stronger than you’ve ever been before