Use BASI Pilates Equipment and Change your Life

For many people, Pilates is more than just an exercise regime, it’s a way of living a healthy lifestyle. Pilates devotees tout the physical and emotional benefits of a method of training that has been around for over 50 years. Stories of how Pilates enriches a person’s daily activities providing greater overall balance, injury tolerance and self-esteem are prevalent within the Pilates community.

Some of the benefits of a regular Pilates practice includes a more rhythmic breathing cycle, enhanced concentration, overall balanced mentality, a feeling of full relaxation and muscle strength. Additionally, Pilates is one of the few workouts that conditions the entire body. Due to the balanced nature of the training, there is never any uncontrolled strain to a particular muscle group or lack of training for another.

In addition to practising at home, one can take part of a regular Pilates training in a studio using specialised BASI Pilates Equipment that is specifically designed for Pilates. Some of the most common Pilates equipment includes the Ladder Barrel, the Jump Board, Wunda Chair, Reformer Machine as well as accessories such as fit balls, rollers, rings, hoops, and mats.

At Dynamic Pilates, we provide the most up to date BASI Pilates Equipment along with skilled instructors who teach a wide array of Pilates classes. We offer prenatal and post-natal classes, senior and new Mum classes. Our beautiful Sydney studios also hosts the comprehensive BASI Pilates education program for those who wish to become a certified Pilates instructor.