Our Partnership with BASI Systems

BASI Systems equipment is designed by BASI founder, Rael Isacowitz, the internationally respected Pilates teacher, author, lecturer and creator of the Pilates repertoire and apparatus. BASI Systems equipment incorporates scores of details Pilates professionals want, accessibility we need, innovations beyond what we could have imagined. With superior global recognition and expansion into Australia, BASI Systems have selected Dynamic Pilates as their partner for Australia-wide equipment sales and enquiries. Dynamic Pilates is here to assist and support you in your decision to choose the finest quality Pilates equipment available in the market today

Research & Development

BASI Systems brings together decades of research of the art and science of human movement and state-of-the art engineering. As a leading Pilates education academy, we have had the privilege to work with tens of thousands of Pilates professionals worldwide. In these interactions, we continually learn more of what the human body needs and is capable of. BASI Systems brings these insights to life with a new generation of equipment that unleashes true freedom of movement with unparalleled precision, comfort and accessibility. We do this by using world-class advances in technology while honoring the teachings of Joseph Pilates. We see BASI Systems equipment as an extension of ourselves – as movers and teachers – and our equipment is designed to inspire the discovery of one’s true strength

Exceptional Build Quality

BASI Systems uses the highest quality, environmentally friendly materials to build equipment with thoughtful biomechanics and aesthetic integrity. Each piece is hand crafted with care and state-of-the art engineering methodologies. We use beech wood for sturdiness, aerospace-grade aluminum for durability and smooth transitions, antibacterial vinyl to resist wear-and-tear and orthopedic cushioning for extraordinary comfort. BASI Systems’ equipment offers longevity with ergonomic functionality and an expandable design system that can seamlessly fit your needs

Product Catalogue

We have created dedicated pages for each of the primary BASI Systems Pilates apparatuses available for purchase here in Australia. Each of these pages includes a brief overview with accompanying images of the high-calibre, quality products we know you’ll love and see value in for your Personal and Business Pilates needs. Click on your desired product listed below for further information

Arm Chair Barrel | Arm Chair Barrel Set | Arm Chair Box | Arm Chair Saddle | Extension Leg Set (Short/Medium/Large) | F2 System | F2 System & Accessory Package | Foot Platform | Half Tower Only For Reformer | Jump Board | Ladder | Ladder Barrel | Mat Conversion | Ped A Pull | Ped A Pull Without Stool | Raised Mat | Reformer | Reformer Combo | Reformer With Tower | Sitting Box | Spine Corrector | Spine Corrector F2 System | Tower Only For ReformerTrapeze For Combo Conversion | Trapeze Table (Cadillac) | Wall Tower | Wall Tower Only | Wall Unit | Wall Unit Without Push Through Bar | Wunda Chair | Plus The Full Range of Springs, Accessories and Replacement Parts

The full BASI Systems Pilates Product Catalogue is available for you to download here


For further reading please visit the BASI Systems website that highlights key information aiding your purchase decision for the world’s finest Pilates equipment. Alternatively click on Safety Information, Warranty or Instruction Manuals if you require direct access to this information from the BASI Systems website. Dynamic Pilates Imports Pty Limited Terms of Trade can be found via clicking the link of the same


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