Barre Pilates at Dynamic Pilates Glebe Is Back..!

Firstly, Meet Dynamic Pilates’ New Barre Instructor Dani Azambullo

Exciting news…Barre Pilates is coming back to our Glebe studio. There will be four classes a week led by our newest member of the Dynamic Pilates team, Barre instructor Dani Azambullo.

Dani discovered Barre when she arrived in Australia from Uruguay five years ago. She was instantly hooked and wanted to share her passion with others so took her love of Barre to the next level and trained to became a certified Barre instructor. Dani is excited to share her passion and spread the positive energy and effects of Barre to others through her classes at our Dynamic Pilates Glebe studio.

Q. How did you discover Barre?

I was introduced to Barre by one of my Pilates teachers. I was on the hunt for a different method, which still related to Pilates and mindful movement.

Q. What was your previous career?

Back home I was a fashion designer where I worked for two years for a local brand before I decided a 9 to 6 office job wasn’t my calling. I decided to make a change and do something that actually makes me happy so I completed my Pilates course and moved to Australia.

Q. Why did you decide to become a Barre instructor?

I wanted to keep adding to my studies in the fitness and well-being industry, and I also enjoyed practicing Barre so much that I decided I want to share my passion with others.

Q. What do you love about Barre and why do you think Barre is a good workout?

What I love the most about Barre is that even though it focuses on a small range of movements, you still work really hard and leave the class feeling more energetic. Barre not only helps you sculpt your muscles but improves flexibility, balance, posture and core strength – all things that make you feel good and confident in your day to day life.

Q. What do you do when you are not teaching Barre?

Usually studying or planning activities in nature such as hiking, swimming, picnics, and when I have an extended break if I have the chance, I travel.

Q. What are you most looking forward to with the relaunch of Barre classes at Dynamic Pilates Glebe?

I’m really looking forward to meeting all the clients and being part of the local community while working as part of the formidable Dynamic Pilates team.

Q. What is your favourite motivational quote?

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful” Joshua J. Marine.

Q. Tell us something something unusual about yourself

I love dancing to Latin music. When my friends go to a nightclub in Uruguay I often get video calls where I dance with them one or two songs while my boyfriend and housemate look at me like I’m crazy. Given the timezone difference, its perhaps too much for breakfast time maybe!

Thanks Dani, welcome to the Dynamic Pilates team.
Come and Try a Free Barre Class
Come and meet Dani and enjoy a FREE BARRE CLASS at 10am and 11am on Saturday, 22 Feb at our Glebe studio.

These sessions kick off our new Glebe Barre timetable. Our weekly Barre sessions will continue as follows…

Mondays at 5.30pm | Wednesday at 7.30pm | Friday at 5.45pm and Saturdays at 8.00am

Bookings can be made online at the Dynamic Pilates website through MINDBODY.

So what’s actually involved in a Pilates Barre class?

Well, it’s a modern, rapid adaptation of Pilates, Ballet, Yoga and Dance, run as a high energy workout designed to strengthen, lengthen, sculpt and tone all in the one class! Our Barre classes are tailored to improve flexibility and stability to your central core, revitalising key, isolated muscle areas and focusing on a wholesome and balanced body.

During your Dynamic Barre workout you’ll be introduced to light weights and resistance bands by our qualified instructors to maximise the benefits of your Barre class.

… Most of all, it’s lots of fun! See you at the Barre!

Or why not try our 2 for $20 intro offer, where you (and a friend) can come along to one of our Reformer or Barre classes to experience the Dynamic Pilates difference!