10 Reasons To Do Pilates

So you’re thinking about starting a new exercise regime?

That’s great!

But whether or not you’re just looking to change up your routine, or kick a goal like weight loss or a stronger core – you’re probably considering Pilates. And if you’re not – you should be! Our studio Pilates classes in Sydney are the talk of the town.

To help you make the most informed decision about your next best exercise routine, we thought we’d put together a list of 10 reasons to do Pilates! Now, there are significantly more than ten reasons to do Pilates, but we thought we’d start you off with a short list of the top points to inspire you on your way to health and wellness.

1. Decrease stress levels & boost energy levels

Spine exercises used during a Pilates session increase your blood flow, effectively improving your circulation. The movement of the breath also works together with your improved circulation to provide more oxygen to the body while expelling bad air. Stress levels are decreased as a result of these improvements, leaving you feeling energised and full of GET UP AND GO all day long.

2. Helps you sleep better

Holding excess cortisol in your system is enemy number one when it comes to getting a good nights sleep. It can also interfere with blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease and cause depression! Pilates is a great form of exercise to help reduce your cortisol levels without any of the associated pain or injuries you can get with more vigorous high impact forms of exercise that put strain on the body.

3. Mind and body connection

Joseph Pilates created the Pilates method of exercise to focus on “the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”. Complete attention is given to each movement by instructing the mind to release tension, centre oneself, breath with precision and control movement.

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4. Improves posture

Practicing poor posture can create a string of structural changes throughout the body, causing pain in the head, neck and shoulders. The pelvis of hips can also be tilted and shifted, adding pressure to muscles and joints. Through targeting the deep postural muscles, our studio Pilates classes in Sydney are the perfect exercise regime to build a strong, well aligned core.

5. Full-body exercise

Although having a strong focus on your core, Pilates trains the entire body as an integrated system. Pilates sessions include exercises to improve strength and balanced muscle development, flexibility and increased range of motion.

6. Weight loss

If you are practicing pilates on a regular basis your body will change. Pilates creates long, lean muscles and can help to trim you down when paired with a balanced diet.

7. Healing and preventing injuries

Unlike many other forms of exercise, Pilates is gentle on your joints and has movements that are low stress on your back.

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8. Tailored to individual needs

Pilates is for everyone – from elite athletes through to those with injuries, seniors, pregnant women and everyone of all ages in between. There are hundreds of exercises and modifications for each client, their abilities and what they wish to get out of the session.

9. Flatten, tone & strengthen abs

With the constant focus on your core muscle stability and control, Pilates is well known for yielding strong, flat abdominal muscles. There’s no core strength quite like Pilates core strength!

10. It’s almost too much fun!

Pilates is a unique and exciting form of exercise that is like no other. Using the reformer machines, mat-work and standing exercises in a small group environment alongside people with the same health and wellbeing goals will boost your enjoyment and self-esteem too!

We could go on and on and on, but we’re sure that by now you have likely read some great reasons why Pilates is for you! If you are ready to make your start in Pilates, take advantage of our 2 for $20 New Member Introductory Special today.